Friday, October 14, 2016

OtakuDante's Gaming Inferno on Youtube!!!

This past week I've been working hard on maximizing my Youtube channel's reach potential. I've researched ways to manage tags, get attention through titles, and even do minor things like choosing the right thumbnails. While I seem to have done so according to the expertise given my channel is still not gaining the momentum I hoped it would. It's a tiny hungry fish in a see filled with fish looking for that next meal. I'll be honest in saying that my channel was initially born as a way to share my love for gaming. Simply that, and nothing more. In it's early years, near the dawn of Youtube I actually uploaded a lot of videos that captured me as I played Call of Duty on the PS3 in front of a tube-style television. Those videos got flagged though, and are forever lost. Keep in mind this was at a time when Youtube was much less gamer friendly, and where Vlogs were the site's main focus. It wasn't until my gaming blog picked up in popularity years down the road that I began to ponder ways to use my channel to further extend upon my views and critiques of the hobbies I loved. This year alone I've restructured the channel to include organized playlists, group themes, and even channel art. I've also done commentary videos on occasion among other things.

I guess the point in me bringing all of this up is that I'd like to make the most of my channel. Not in the lucrative sense with monetization, but rather with an ad-free source of gaming and hobby related videos that you can enjoy, and with which I can further promote my review work from this very blog. I'm not gonna beg for attention, but if you as a reader could spread the word about my channel on your social media outlets it would be greatly appreciated. Also if any of you PR, developers, or publishers are looking to get reach beyond my blog coverage you too can take advantage of my efforts by promoting my gameplay videos when I share them, or by simply requesting that I do gameplay videos of the games I review for you. I can include links as well as any provided thumbnails, and even trailers for those of you who continue to trust in me for provided reviews. Like I said I am currently working on ways to fine tune my Youtube efforts, and through your promotion, and the readers' promotion I can reach an even larger audience with even more relevant videos for everyone's benefit.

I will leave a link to my Youtube channel below in hopes that you'll take the time out of your day to check it out! I appreciate any feedback, or sharing that you can provide. I am very serious about Youtube now, and aim to make the most of the service while it's still a viable platform.

OtakuDante's Gaming Inferno (YOUTUBE) -

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