Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Gaming Industry's Last Samurai

That headline, that title it means more than most think it does. I've noticed over the five years I've been doing what I do that the industry has changed. From the PR to the gamers themselves the uphill battle for the integrity of the industry grows ever more inclined as the days pass by. While some aim to corrupt the system with poorly made decisions and opinions I have, and always will be an unbiased voice of reasoning as well as understanding. Though many may try to discredit my work, and my knowledge of all things gaming the undeniable truths I hold steadfast to will always remain unwavering and true. Regardless of the fact that I am a journalist who openly seeks review material my opinion is not for sale, and the reviews I provide will always include facts with a tiny percentage of my own opinion based on said facts. You can choose not to believe my critiques, and you can choose to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to things, but the truth with or without me will reveal itself in due time. Hiding behind your lies, your ignorance, and your self-indulgence will not shield you from the aftermath of your actions, or reactions. While that may seem harsh I am here for one reason. I have grown up loving the hobby that is gaming. I've seen it in it's better days, and I know it could be better than it is today. Shady business practices, an outright lack of customer caring, and greed have become an accepted staple of what is to be expected. I however will not accept it. I will call things out like they are.

My mission here at "OtakuDante's Gaming Inferno" is two-fold. First, and foremost I want to provide you accurate factual breakdowns of games I get for review, so that when you do reach my opinion at the end of it you can better gauge for yourself if this is the type of gaming experience that you'd enjoy, or not. Secondly I am fighting for a better industry. Whenever I go on my passionate rants it is for a good reason. I don't want to see developers, publishers, or PR fail. I want instead for them to provide the quality experiences they promise, and offer for if they fail to do so who will create the experiences in their place?

At the end of the day we are at the mercy of the developers, and content creators as paying gamers. They are the ones that continue to breathe life, and death into the hobby that we love. It is our place as paying customers to keep things in check, and vote with our money when we find certain business practices, or offers not beneficial for us. While complaining, and voicing your opinion on such matters also helps it does not help to cuss at, or threaten those who create the experiences you choose to pay for. Educate yourselves before you buy into a product. Try demos, borrow the games from friends, or use console share features to get an idea of what a game is about before throwing your money at the game. As far as us gaming journalists go it is high time we speak out against the wrongs, and only praise that which is right. The sugar coating needs to stop as do the sellouts, and buyouts.

Selling your opinion just so you can have early access to something is wrong. It is equally as wrong when a developer, publisher, or PR seeks this kind of media attention. As I said lies will eventually catch up with you, and when they do the damage to company reputation, and future business prospects will be irreversible. No one wants to pay a company for something they know has a reputation of ripping them off. You keep biting the hand that feeds you journalists and PR, and you will be remembered for it.

If by some odd chance you are a developer, or content creator who is looking to grow in the field of development, and who is willing to change if need be I welcome and invite you to seek me out for reviews. I have the time to dedicate to it, and am more than willing to review your game if you are the type of developer or content creator who has the customers' best interest in mind, especially if you are the type who loves creating noteworthy experiences. All I ask is that you do not approach me knowing that your game or product is flawed hoping that I might pass it off as worthy to my readers. I don't do that. I do go in unbiased, but in my playthrough I guarantee you I will discover what is right, and wrong about what you offer. Not only that, but I will point out those rights, and wrongs. Not even my favored developers are exempt from such an assessment here.

I look forward to doing business with those of you who actually care about the integrity of this industry. I hope that one day it returns to that golden gaming era I once knew.

Your Last Samurai,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)

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