Friday, December 16, 2016

The True Meaning of Christmas (POEM)

The True Meaning of Christmas

Poem by ~ Brad "OtakuDante" Carver

This year's Christmas tree is gonna be the sh*t
A huge swirly turd with all the trimmings, and future presents 
tucked firmly underneath it
When old Saint Nick shimmies down the chimney with care
he'll catch a surprising whiff of the putrid smell that's been filling the air
So repulsed by the foul odor,
and disgusted with fright he'll heave & he'll ho till he's well out of sight 
No gifts will he leave, and no stockings will he fill,
but through captured surveillance footage we'll all have a laughable thrill
For the true meaning of Christmas is not commercialized goods
but is instead the friends & families who gather together in harmony 
within each neighborhood.

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