Sunday, December 4, 2016

When All Hope is Gone Game On!

It is December 2016. It won't be too long until Christmas comes to pass. This holiday season, and the year in general has been a truly trying experience for me as well as for some of you. If you follow me on social media you'll know my family members have had several near death experiences this year, and are each steadily declining in the area of personal health. I won't bother you with details, but I will say that it's been hard trying to stay positive. In fact the only time I have had a good day in the middle of all this chaos is when I've been able to distract myself with my gaming hobby. It's no mere embellishment when people say gaming has gotten them through some tough times in their lives. I can definitely attest to that being fact. I realize not everyone has that luxury though. This of course abruptly brings me to the point of my article. If you, for whatever reason, are experiencing bad times this holiday season do yourself a favor, and find a distraction. It doesn't have to be video games. It can be anything that offers you a mental escape from the overbearing troubles of life. Engage in said activities for as long as it takes to get over your bout of depression, worry, or fear. I know doing so is not a solve all solution, but distractions are much better than dwelling on things that cannot be changed so easily. Compared to bad habits like smoking, or comfort eating I'd say hobbies like gaming, or even reading are to an extremely lesser extent less harmful for those partaking of them. Just be sure to eat, sleep, and move about from time to time as well.

For what it is worth I am truly grateful for the support my followers, readers, and industry connections have given me this year. You've been understanding, sympathetic, and above all helpful in helping me get beyond some of my darkest days. The prayers, and well wishes for me, and my family that I've received from social media friends, and even some game developers/publishers have been a godsend. You gave me hope when I thought I had none. I no doubt have some trying days ahead of me, but I do know now that I have plenty of shoulders to lean on when times get tough. For that I thank you. In saying that I also want to extend my well wishes, and positive thoughts to those of you who may need them. Just hit me up on Twitter, or even here and I'll lend an ear, and some words of wisdom to help you get through your trying times.

In closing I want to wish everyone a happy holiday, and a merry Christmas! Make the most of it, and invest in some quality time with your loved ones. We don't get to live forever in this world, so making the most of the time given to you, and investing it wisely in relationships is vastly more important that gaining all of the riches this world has to offer. For when our time comes to pass our material things will not mourn us. Instead it will be those who cared about you who will carry your memory, and deeds forward. Always make a good lasting impression on those around you. Kindness is king!

Game On!,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)

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