Sunday, January 1, 2017

The First Day of 2017 ...

This morning I awoke to a gloomy rain filled day. I did my usual routine of house cleaning before settling down with social media to catch up on the world's response to the new year. Once I was tapped into the internet (Twitter specifically) I was met with the same social media buzz as the day before. Things like politics, and various other agenda specific topics were being discussed as they have been the entirety of 2016. Honestly I did not expect some miraculous change in the world, or in social media though. It's as Boogie said. A calendar rolling over doesn't change people, or situations. That sort of thing comes from within. Unless we all work at becoming a better, more positive person in the collective worldly sense nothing will change this year. We need to realize this if we are to make the most of our 2017.

Besides sitting on my arse in front of the PC, and in front of the boob tube for the sake of entertainment I also tended to my main blog this morning. I added some social media stats, and links including my last known Klout score. I know Klout is now obsolete, but it does effectively show my influence which has grown since the site's downfall. Klout scores were rated from 1 - 100 with the higher numbers reflecting a more influential social media contributor. My score at the end of the Klout era was "46" (Obama's 99), and I was rated an "Expert" at the topic of video games. In fact I was ranked at the top 0.1% of influential people in gaming media. I'm sure if Klout was still available today I'd have far surpassed that with the addition of my 2016 reach and influence. Since Klout's failure other sites have created a similar type of service, but they all want you to pay a premium price just to be able to evaluate yourself. Not gonna do it.

Aside from adding those details to my blog I also updated my "Contact Info" header section with things I aim to do, and things I'm interested in reviewing in 2017. Be sure to check that out if you are a product provider in the field of entertainment, hobbies, books, music, or art. I do have a plan for work in 2017, as haphazard and fuzzy as it may be. As soon as games start releasing I'll be hitting up my usual contacts, and possibly some industry newcomers for review material. I'll also be scouting for new types of review goodies in hopes I can keep a steady flow of posts. It's a goal that has been echoed here in some form or fashion throughout the years, and for the most part it works. Being a blog that caters to a variety of interesting things sets me apart from those who follow the straight and narrow within the gaming industry. I like being that odd guy out as I feel it gives me an edge over others.

Closing the first day of 2017 I'm contemplating doing some gaming on my own time. I'll likely play something casual, and non-competitive as the little brats of online are off for the holidays screwing with everyone's fun time while mommy and daddy do the busy work. You know I'm telling the truth. Speaking of which DO NOT let the idiot box, or the internet continue to be your children's babysitter in 2017. Man, and woman up. Do that parenting thing, and do it right. I'll close on that note. Here's to 2017, and all the good possibilities it might bring!

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