Thursday, February 23, 2017

What You Get At The Inferno

Metrics, and analytics across the board pretty much confirm my relevance as a social media influencer. Ranging from an astounding "Top 0.1%" on the former Klout scale to an almost as impressive "Top 5%" on Klear's scale in regards to gaming it is undeniable that what I say, type, or text holds sway in the industry that this blog is centered around. Though numbers on said sites often times may look confusing in relation to said percentages those percentages are not inaccurate. Yes I'm an acknowledged journalist about gaming, and "yes" I'm friendly to those who follow, and engaging with my audience on various social media platforms. I'm even highly knowledgeable about the industry itself, often times giving sound advice to those who would listen. The best advice being made available on the business side of things through my more professional LinkedIn account. While the Inferno might be a humble blog in appearance make no mistake that what is typed in each review is more than what most big sites will ever dare to include. That grand scope of detail including breakdowns of all in-game features sprinkled with a little opinion at the end based on the functionality, and the fun to be had. My opinions, and critiques are not bought out, and are not misleading with college level word play that only detracts from the insight the gamers are seeking. You'll also find no ads, and no monetization efforts here at the Inferno. This is a passion project that is five plus years strong, and growing. A project I would never dare to corrupt with paid for influence. Not clouded by bias, or other peoples' written reviews this blog stands above a lot of the bigger names in content and context.

If you are a PR, developer, or publisher who really wants to stand out in the eyes of an audience who knows what's up in the gaming industry you can do that here, but only if you don't mind honest reviews, and aim to become the best that you can be in the industry. I always offer thorough reviews which I always complete along with advice when I feel it's needed. My work is done in a timely, and professional fashion as well. All I ever ask for is review material. Mainly review codes. A small token of trust that could prove invaluable if you bother to care about my reviews, and help me promote them on my social media accounts. Being overshadowed by mainstream review outlets through your account's advertisement does not help me help you. I can't tell you how many times I've been entrusted by a 'Triple A' developer/PR to do a review only to be left behind when it came to their shared review tweets. While I do have my own influence there's no denying that the backing of a company helps both that company, and the journalists who wrote about the company's product. If you understand that we can go far.

What the Inferno is ...

I think what sets my blog apart from most mainstream review outlets is the straight and narrow approach. My blog isn't overly complicated, or bogged down by ads, and scripts. Gamers, or anyone interested can spend a little over five minutes reading through one of my 10+ paragraph reviews, and have a good idea of what they'd be getting into if they decided to buy what the developer is selling. It's this ease of access that makes my blog so attractive. The fact that it's formatted for mobile device users as well makes my reviews available for those on the go, and at home. Gamers can also subscribe to the feed, and get updates through my social media accounts like that of Twitter. As I mentioned before I am engaged with my followers, and friends on a daily basis. This in itself helps me to spread the word on what it is I've reviewed.

In closing ...

I urge you to always read through my past reviews before accepting any review request. It will give you an idea of what I'm about. Browse the blog, and all it's features as well as it will reflect what I've said. Just know that with each request I'm not looking for free games. I'm simply trying to gain your trust, and keep it. Being given a code for a game there is a mutual understanding that I have to deliver on my promise, or be left wanting the next time a game from your studio is released. Not only that, but your trust with said review material inspires me to write my best, and do my best as a journalist. I never want to disappoint, because I know my blog's integrity, and reputation is on the line. Trust is something that's hard to earn back when lost, and that's why I give each review my 110%. If this is something you value as a PR hit me up. I'm open for reviews, and have the time to commit to even the longest JRPG adventures.

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