Sunday, May 28, 2017

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 DLC Upgrade (PS4)

From the start the DLC upgrade that is "Rev 2" struck me as being off. It was marketed as being a two character bundle with balance changes. The characters at normal cost, and together would have only cost the gamer $16, but the DLC upgrade was being sold at $19.99 ... When it comes to the balance changes, while they are significant, I feel the visual/structural overhaul that was included should have been a free update to the core game. By selling it as a part of the DLC Aksys Games/PQube has effectively split the GG community. I understand that you have the option to revert back to the core Revelator experience in full, but this defeats the purpose of buying the DLC upgrade in the first place. Beyond that there is something very wrong with the additional DLC being sold on the side. I personally bought Baiken's voice DLC, and color palette DLC. Both of which did not appear as optional options in-game. I was robbed. I was sold BS. That alone is enough of a reason to warrant hate on this DLC package. Along with the splitting of the community, and the matchmaking issues that are connection identifiers this DLC upgrade is an all around botched deal. Speaking of connection indicators the developer thought it wise to color favorable connections red, and unfavorable green. Who in their right mind does that?

As far as what the game got right goes the netcode seems to be more stable though more easily manipulated by lagswitchers. When it comes to the matchmaking itself it has been simplified via mode centered menu access. A much needed change that should have been applied from the beginning. You can now select "Ranked", and "Player" matchmaking without having to go into the lobby. The lobby, as it were is reserved as a more social space with an arcade atmosphere. In it free chat is still an option, though it is more obscurely hidden in the altered menu system which in itself has been overhauled. While I've not sampled the new characters, or story mode chapters I figure these features are obviously not going to be a major issue. I've played against Baiken players, and like her oldschool counterpart she seems to remain true to her older form. Gamers seem to favor Baiken over Answer, and I can see why. Baiken is an in your face type of fighter that can get in easily against zoning characters, and can pull zoning characters to her. As far as what I've seen of Answer online he seems to be a mixture of Slayer, Rachel Alucard, and Bang with a flag trap mechanic thrown in for good measure. His melee attacks seem to be short range, but he also appears to have projectiles. From what Youtube streamers have shown he is very mobile, and very quick at dishing out punishment. I have no issues with any of this, and will eventually try both characters out myself.

Weighing everything I've experienced "Rev 2" is far from being the perfect upgrade, and throws into the equation questionable sales practices as well as questionable community focus. I feel Aksys Games/PQube should have made the balance, and menu changes accessible to everyone free of cost ultimately upgrading all Revelator players to "Rev 2" while offering the base DLC as a character only upgrade with all the new color palettes, and announcer voices taking place of the balance changes. That would have warranted $20 - $25, in my opinion. This however, "Rev 2" as it were, is a cash grab at the expense of the gamer. It is inexcusable, and a travesty. When it comes to my final verdict the Inferno gives the "Rev 2" DLC upgrade and additional DLC a pitiful "doodoo/10". It is the equivalent of monkey flung poo.

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