Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Going from concerned to content I find myself greatly enjoying Netherrealm Studio's latest superhero fighting game spin-off. Everything from the story, to the online feels fair enough even though it isn't perfect, yet. There's plenty of rewarding offline content to enjoy each day, and plenty of fun to be had in the online competitive scene as well. Dare I say it, Injustice 2's online feels like a much smoother, and vastly more enjoyable experience than it's predecessor. As far as presentation goes the game itself is gorgeously rendered even on the standard PS4 console. Characters look much more appealing as do the stages, and the many special effects. Speaking of which the story was so cinematic in nature it could have easily been it's own animated film. It is that good. I liked the fact that in the story mode playthrough the player was never once subjected to mini-games. This made the story being told more cohesive, and worthy of the gamers' undivided attention. When it comes down to the details everything that Injustice 2 offered was leaps, and bounds ahead of the first game's content. It's nice to see a developer take fan feedback, and put it into production. I've even noticed that Ed Boon, and his team has tweaked boss fights so that they aren't too terribly oppressive which I'm personally thankful for. As of now Injustice 2 is my current favorite fighter, and I have already willingly sunk many hours into learning my favorite characters, completing the story, and grinding for loot. It's an experience I can easily recommend to any fighting game fan who's looking for that next worthy fighter.

Before I go I'd like to say how I think Netherrealm's blend of "Call of Duty (Guilds, Loadouts & Skins)", and "Diablo 3 (Transmogrify)" copycat features were a nice complimentary touch to an already great base game experience. It draws me back in, in a good way, and keeps me wanting to play. I hope that Ed, and his team of developers continues to heed the fans' advice going forward, and that they work on maintaining a good gaming experience in Injustice 2. I want this game to last longer among the community faithfuls than the first game did. Both in terms of quality, and in regards to the type of gamers who frequent the lobbies. May it hold us over until the next Mortal Kombat, or Injustice surfaces!

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