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horror dvd cases

Horror. It's a word that conjures up feelings of fear on various levels for many people. Whether it be nightmares, violent unmerciful deaths, or even the fear of the unknown mortal man has in his own way adapted to and dealt with the many horrors of life through the ages. While horror, and the fear inducing panic thereof has no definitive origin it has followed humanity like a plague throughout history. Through tales of terror, religion, imagination itself, and real life encounters mankind has always been afraid of something. A primal instinct embedded within us, and for good reason. Some of us develop phobias in our lifetime, or fears of certain things while others embrace it's darkness in the form of entertainment that mimics, and plays down the real threat of being mortal in the presence of so many life ending possibilities.

When it comes to horror it is in itself a film genre with many sub-genres underneath it. Fans of oldschool horror will no doubt remember the gore heavy hammer films in which the scare came more from visual body trauma than the jump scares that Hollywood has so readily embraced these days. It's this grisly shock factor that sends dread through every fiber of the viewers' being while sometimes causing nausea or vomiting at the sight of it. As mentioned before horror films also come in the indie variety under the production of independent studios located all across the globe. It's often times these innovative indies that really impress their audience due to their unique stories, visual approach, and acting. The foreign indie scene in particular has given birth to some amazing horror films the likes of which trump anything Hollywood can produce. Aside from that you'll also find the old black & white classics, the jump scare films of the PG-13 sort, religious horror, and even Asian horror among other things. All of which carries with it a distinct quality that embraces a certain type of fear, or subject matter. Things like torture, cannibalism, frightful creatures, and serial murderers are but some of the themes explored by directors willing to push the limits. It's no surprise at all that horror films usually carry with them a mature rating as a result of these pushed limits. The inclusion of blood letting, gore, terror, and graphic nudity will definitely frighten, and impact a less hardened individual, especially those of a younger age.

As to why we abuse our brains with the macabre, sinister, and outright frightening scenarios that horror films provide is anyone's guess. Some might say it's to calm our own fears, and conquer our own nightmares. Others might simply say that it's all for the artistic inspiration, or because they themselves harbor a dark side. Whatever the case may be horror films are a form of entertainment that can be collected, and enjoyed easily. Supposing you are of age, and they aren't banned in your country. Should you choose to get into the hobby you'll find that publishers often times include lenticular covers, steelbook editions, and special limited edition printings of horror dvds and blu-rays. There are even box sets of series in some cases. Sometimes said physical editions also contain added perks like post cards, posters, or CD soundtracks. The fact that horror films printed on discs do not stay available on store shelves for long make owning a copy as soon as it's available all the more important to a collector. If you are not afraid to get into the hobby of both viewing and collecting horror films you'll have a fun time doing it. I suggest picking up some low cost indies, and maybe some classics that aren't yet spoiled by Hollywood's more well established directors. It should also be noted that shelving your collection is an option that will not only show your appreciation for horror films, but also keep them organized, and easily accessible for those special occasions when you want to watch them. Halloween comes to mind.

In closing I'll say collect with caution. Not everyone has the stomach, or the nerves to withstand two hours or more of fear inducing horror. Definitely know what you are getting into before you pay up for it. Horror films aren't created equal, and while some may be tame others push the extremes with no remorse whatsoever. Make sure your ticker is healthy as well as heart attack is a real threat to those who are easily frightened.

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