Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hobbying on a Budget

I was a habitual spender for the longest time. I used to buy entertainment related items on release including video games, and dvds. Nowadays, however I'm very careful how I budget my extra $100 hobby funds each month. I've learned that buying things on launch usually isn't the best idea, especially with the trend of half-assed movies and broken ass video games being released more, and more regularly. I'm all about getting more bang for my buck even if that means waiting a bit. If I buy dvds now, for example I'll usually pick up something out of the bargain bin, and something that is a sure hit. As far as games go I've come to the point I don't mind buying a used game, and will do that if it means I can use the rest of my hobby money on something else as well. When it comes to games, in particular I tend to buy the ones with good replay value. Shooters, arcade style games, and fighting games are my top picks. On occasion I'll also pick up an RPG, because I know from experience that the RPG games contain vastly more content than your standard action/adventure game. It's all about getting more while paying less. The total opposite of what Hollywood, and various gaming studios bank on the average hobbyist doing. Don't get me wrong though. I understand that to make ends meet, and to keep providing entertainment the respective industry providers must make a certain amount of day one sales at the initial marked price. It's just not gonna be me until they do away with their corporate greed, and poor business practices though.

As I've mentioned briefly in my intro paragraph above there are some products that you can buy on a tight budget that won't break the bank. If you are into movies be sure to go for the old hits that are sold at the $5 - $10 range. When you can, also pick up bundled series at the $7.50 - $20 range to get more for your money. I suggest picking up any discounted TV series bundles you might be into, or movie series. Today I actually did this very thing, and bought the complete "SAW" collection (7 films) for $7.50. An early Halloween purchase for when Halloween 2017 rolls around. I even picked up "The Cell" for $5, because it's one of my favorite psychological horror films, and it's not easy to find.

When buying games you can implement a similar spending method. Buy games at a discount, or buy them used and you'll have extra money to spend on more games or other hobby related items. The buy so many, and get so many free sales are prime pickings for budget gamers like myself. Places like Gamestop often times sell some decent game releases of varying genres for a fraction of the price after release. Of course if you don't like Gamestop, and don't want to support them there are department stores like Walmart which have sales on occasion as well. Just shop around, and find a place that suits your fancy. As far as setting a budget goes I'd say limit your monthly hobby spending to about $100 or less, and figure out some ways to stretch that set money limit beyond it's means. I do reasonably well at the $100 mark, and think you could too if such a budget is within reason. Just remember that shopping smart allows you to put more in the cart.

Onto the digital side of things ...

While I'm not particularly fond of buying digital entertainment there is an upside or two to it. Things like a Netflix subscription can eliminate the need or desire to build up a physical collection that takes up space. The same goes for a Gamefly subscription, or even buying digital games/movies/music. It all boils down to preference, and how you feel about either amassing a large physical collection, or saving space by going purely digital/subscription. Either way there are options for all of you budget hobbyists out there. You just have to shop around, and explore your options. Even anime wholesale outlets like Rightstuf can offer you more for much less out of your pocket/pocket book.

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