Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Paragon ~ Drongo

Today Epic Games released their new Paragon character, "Drongo". Drongo is being hailed as a scavenger, and looks like someone from a post-apocalyptic wasteland. His name sounds sort of Australian, and the inclusion of an ability damage boomerang pretty much confirms this origin. His skills are very military in nature outside of the inclusion of the boomerang. He has an AOE gas grenade that's good for clearing out minions, and banking gold. He also has a radioactive bullet buff that goes along with his primary weapon which is a revolver that does not require reload. His ultimate is a cluster rocket that when launched causes Drongo to back flip out of the way. A sort of scatter blast without the blast. In the way of stats he is heavy on the basic damage, but low on durability, and the other stats. Though his mobility is fairly good as well.

For a Drongo custom deck you'd need to focus more on equipping cards with health benefits as well as mana benefits. His skill, or ability kit provides enough damage without the need for extra damage cards. That being said if you have cards which double up on different buff types, and perks do use them. Drongo can gun down, and destroy enemy minions quickly enough to amass enough gold to unlock cards, and gems fairly early. Speaking of gems I'd say allot them mostly to the damage, and health slots. Choose gems like 'wealthy', and 'multishot' to beef up damage outside of the health, and mana focused cards. I personally went with three gems on damage, and three gems on health leaving the basic mana gem slots to be upgraded for basic mana buffs. You can upgrade gem sections that do not harbor allotted gems, and still get beneficial buffs.

Anyways ... that is my assessment of Paragon's Drongo. Be sure to watch my Youtube gameplay video when it goes live today!

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