Monday, October 16, 2017

The HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review ... A Cash Suck!?

As a game reviewer I accept constructive criticism. I like to know if what I'm doing is good, and whether or not you'd like to see change. On the flipside of that I cannot stand being called a liar, or biased without without evidence that I am. I bring this up, because some anonymous reader posted a comment on my headset review stating that he/she/it was thinking that this site, or perhaps my review of the headset was a "Cash Suck". Implying that I was sucking corporate !@#$% for monetary or lucrative reasons. The fact is that I sought out Kingston's headset for review to review something different. That is all. I was trying to add variety to my blog. Sure, Kingston provided the headset for review, and I did kind of favor it, but in no way did I not say what the headset had to offer. I personally ended up liking the headset even more past the critique making it one of my all-time favorite gaming headsets. I still use it to this day, years after the review was posted. If anything this is a testament to the headset's good quality, and long life span. I have dropped, and broken loose an ear piece, but was able to put it right back on. I have also dropped the volume adjuster numerous times, and it still works. I have even bent the fool out of the adjustable mic, and it still gets the job done. In fact the headset is, in my opinion, still the best headset I've ever used. That is a fact.

So ... Nope anonymous person my headset review was not a "Cash Suck" as you so bluntly put it. In fact I've recommended this particular brand of headset to my friends, because of the affordable mid-range cost, and the high quality build.

In closing I will say this final thing in regards to the anonymous comment. I review things honestly, and fairly. For that honesty I have been blacklisted, and have lost the support of numerous PR over the years. I will always give you game details first so that you can make an educated decision without me as well as a final opinion based on the features last. I will not hate for the sake of hating, and I will not lie to make monetary gain off of your viewership (notice any ads? nope). I know that if I ever did cross the line with dishonesty my reputation would be tarnished indefinitely. One of the hardest things to do in life is to regain someone's trust, and it is that very reason I keep things honest. I hope that you feel you can trust my judgement. If not maybe you'll find someone else you can.

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