Wednesday, January 24, 2018

PlayStation's Lack of Moderation

Tonight, while playing on the PSN I was given a code of conduct breach notice for reporting players for network manipulation, modding, and potential hacking. All of which I 100% sent in as legitimate claims, and concerns. On average, when playing certain competitive online games, I report upwards of 30 players a session. I don't pull the accusations out of my ass as Sony's PlayStation moderators would have you believe, but base my claims on multiple signs that tie-in with a players' PSN profile and their actions in-game. No claim is given without merit. Upon reporting these players, an average acknowledged and processed report takes 1 to 5 minutes each. Nowhere near the time needed to properly investigate a player. In the world of PSN online gaming there are proven cases of hacking, modding, and lagswitching. Under Sony's/PlayStation's supervision most of this goes noticeably unchecked due to their poor selection of reporting options that DO NOT include options for connection tampering, modding, or hacking. I have to report the activity as "illegal" as the things I are reporting are illegal, and have to forego the lack of report options by using an option that does not directly cover the threats at hand, but offers a report form where I can type in what I suspect the player is doing.

During my time with online Playstation consoles I've seen player offenses ranging from simple lagswitching shenanigans to major hacks including an incident I had to report on the PS3 where a player made me spectate a Street Fighter 4 match where I was not controlling my onscreen character. The problem is that Sony, and Playstation do not seem to want to address the growing problem that is plaguing the PSN. They've gone out of their way over the years to remove report options, and as I've typed they have even went so far as to silence my very real concerns via a threat of temporary or permanent banning.  There are millions of players on the PS4, and it is not farfetched in the slightest to encounter as many player problems as I have. Furthermore what Sony/Playstation fails to take into consideration is that targeted matchmaking is made possible through special routers. The added fact that I'm openly outspoken against the hacking, lagswitching, and modding community on social media makes me an easy target through these means. Not to mention the fact that when you are in chat players can hear what you're saying if you are complaining, and will tag team you with their friends in order to troll you further.

I bet my bottom dollar Sony/Playstation could not prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they actually investigated any of my reports. One to five minutes to catch an offending player in action without actually matchmaking under my PSN ID in the same game is impossible. I doubt very seriously their team of moderators are equipped for network screening in such a manner as to detect mod usage such as that of the CronusMAX and similarly boasted undetectable mod devices. I challenge them, if they are reading this, to prove to me via email that they actually properly investigated every report I sent in, and I'm not talking about technicalities, because I had to find an alternate means to report the players.

I close in saying I hope the Playstation ship sinks hard under the weight of it's own ignorance. I hope one day it's so plagued by hacker tampering, the same people I've gone out of my way to report, that it breaks the network long enough to teach them that maybe something needs to be done about the lacking moderation. Do your job Playstation. You're getting paid for it, so do it.

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