Saturday, August 25, 2018

Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Martyr - Post Review Post

My initial impressions of NeoCore Game's new ARPG addition to the Warhammer 40K video game franchise may have been a bit misleading, or overly zealous. The more I've played the game, and the more it has opened up the more flaws and new features have come into light. One of my few complaints regarding the flaws lies with how complicated the control scheme is in comparison to the game's obvious Diablo inspiration. The way the developer has the evasive roll for the Assassins mapped everywhere but the tilting of the 'Right Thumbstick' only serves to complicate things. Additionally autoguns which feature auto-tracking/auto-aim will often times target distant enemies or objects instead of what is directly in front of you. From what I can tell the options menu gives you no option to turn off auto-aim. I think the developer needs to either ditch auto-aim altogether, or fix the auto-aim targeting, especially in regards to mob situations.

Along with these technical mechanics, and controller issues comes the fact that the game is an online experience. Gamers have claimed it to be DRM inclusive, and I can definitely see their concern as validated. RPGs of any sort should have offline single player options. Data should be available, and accessible regardless of whether or not a gamer has internet access. Inquisitor does not have that option. Despite being able to play solo while on the game's hosted servers you have to sign initially into their server to load up your character, and their progression. I am personally against this sort of gaming feature, because it limits future access, potentially. If the servers, or service was made void those countless hours spent, and money invested would be for nought. You'd have nothing to show for it.

Other issues include slight to severe frame rate drops when the onscreen actions are heavily involved. Initially I passed this off as tolerable, but continuing to play I have found instances where the frame rate issues, screen stuttering, screen tearing, and lag are almost too much for the PS4 to process. This is likely due to the graphics I boasted about. The game looks absolutely amazing, but in it being so extremely detailed it is super taxing on the PlayStation 4 hardware. I'm not 100% sure it would be any better on the PS4 Pro, but there is a chance it might be.

Those are my current issues with the game. I still find it enjoyable for the most part, but it could do with some tweaks, and patches. That's me being honest. I should also note that the more you play the more the game's features open up. There is a PvP multiplayer option as well as a crafting and item perk vendor that come into play fairly early on into the main campaign playthrough. I know you guys & gals hate reviewers doing a 180 post review, or even a half-assed review, but my opinions, and thoughts have evolved the more I've played. Apologies to anyone who feels that they don't like the game after having bought it. I still think it has potential to be great. It's definitely gonna take some effort on the developer's part though.

I have personally contacted NeoCore Games through their Twitter handle about some of my technical concerns. Hopefully they've paid attention.

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