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MW3 vs BF3 (Xbox 360): "The Breakdown"

As most of you know by now I own/play both 'CoD: Modern Warfare 3', and 'Battlefield 3' for the Xbox 360. I know that a lot of you are still curious as to which is the better game, and this article will try help explain the differences between each of them. Earlier in the week a friend told me that you can't really do a true comparison of the two games, because they are totally different in terms of what they offer. After considering that I decided the best way to do my article is to give my readers the lowdown on what's good, and what's bad about each game. The article will be arranged out in sections that describe various parts of the games including graphics, sound quality, gameplay, controls, customization, modes, and other features.


CoD: Modern Warfare 3 - 

Many of the dedicated CoD players out there will recognize immediately that MW3 is still running on basically the same graphics engine as it's predecessor (MW2). While the graphics are nice, and polished the game still seems like any other CoD game you may have played before. In all honesty I didn't really notice anything significantly improved about the graphics. When I finally unlocked my PP90M1 gold skin in multiplayer I noticed that it actually looked more brown than gold. That in itself was a bit of a letdown. I don't want to run around with a gun that looks like a chocolate bar. As far as lighting effects go in MW3 they are next generation quality, but nothing really special. The colors in MW3 do seem to be a little more vivid though. The soldiers in the game seem as if they stepped out of MW2 to be honest. There's nothing noticeably improved with the soldiers' outfits, or facial features.

Battlefield 3 -

Battlefield 3 is a game that excels in graphics. Everything from the landscape details to the soldiers appearances are of the best quality. Even the guns in BF3 have a more realistic look to them than those of MW3. The lighting effects in BF3 are the most realistic I have ever seen in a game. The sun glares down on you just as it would if you were outside in real life. Nighttime is also presented in a very realistic manner that compliments the game very well. I didn't notice any glitches at all with the graphics in BF3 which is a vast difference from the body parts hanging through walls in MW3. The explosions, and special effects (gunfire, rockets ...) in BF3 are more realistic than what you find in MW3. The rockets that are launched even leave smoke trails just like a real world launcher would. The fact that you can download HD DLC greatly separates this game from MW3.


CoD: Modern Warfare 3 -

Sound in MW3 is good, but not overly impressive. In all honesty the better TV setup you have the better the in-game sound quality is going to be. As for me I game on a standard TV for my own personal reasons (It offers a better in-game experience/less to look at), and the sound quality is pretty impressive in most games. The explosions, and bullet shots in MW3 all seem to have a realistic sound quality about them. While it's realistic, it's not really dynamic in an epic way.

Battlefield 3 -

Battlefield 3 is like a theatrical experience when it comes to sound quality. Whether you are rocking the game on a standard television, or HDTV the game's soundtrack will definitely blow you away. The gun fire, explosions, vehicles, and soldiers all give off realistic sounds that make you feel as if you are in the middle of a real war. The optional HD DLC enhances the audio experience in a significant way. I downloaded the HD DLC even though I use a standard television, and I could definitely tell an improvement. 


CoD: Modern Warfare 3 -

In MW3 gameplay is what you'd expect from the new developers of the Call of Duty series. Some gamers have called MW3 Modern Warfare 2.5, and I can definitely understand that (in a way). While it does have some similarities to MW2, MW3 still features lots of new content. There are new weapons in which to obliterate your enemies, new modes in which to face online/offline opponents, and a newly designed kill streak/death streak system. Modern Warfare 3 is one game that excels in content. If you're looking for a wide variety of multiplayer match types then this game  definitely offers that. Most of the multiplayer modes are match types that were brought back from MW2, while others like 'Kill Confirmed", and "Team Defender" add something new to the game.

When it comes to bugs, and issues MW3 has it's fair share. Often times the gamer will experience significant lagging, or even be dropped from a match before it is finished due to host connection issues. I have been so close to winning an amazing game at times, and got dropped right before the match ended. These are only a couple of the issues, but if you ask any other MW3 gamer I'm sure they'll have a pretty long list.  InfinityWard/Activision, the developers behind the Modern Warfare series seem to have made it a routine thing with their CoD releases to launch significantly troubled titles. It seems to me that they rely on their customers to help them out with the in-game issues, and it's truly a shame. With all that said, I still enjoy playing MW3. It offers quick team/single player matches that can be enjoyed without suffering through over extended gameplay. I love to be able to play a match that doesn't last long.

Battlefield 3 -

If you're an FPS gamer who is looking for a game that delivers an epic war-like experience then BF3 is most likely the route you want to go. The multiplayer experience in Battlefield 3 is truly unlike what you'd find when you play an FPS like MW3. The maps on BF3 are grand in scale, and offer a realistic battlefield encounter with all the bells & whistles (vehicles, weapons, locales ...) you'd likely find in a real war. While some gamers complain that the maps in BF3 are too large, I have to disagree. With all of the vehicles in play the extra room is very necessary for movement purposes. Match types in BF3 are significantly fewer than what you'd find in a Call of Duty game, but what they offer in content make up for that. Battlefield 3 is more of an epic game that relies on team support, and is what you'd expect from a game that is meant to give the player a more realistic wartime scenario.

Customization options in BF3 are significantly different from what you will find in MW3. As a friend of mine so rightly put it, this is a totally unique game that can't truly be compared to the CoD series. Weapons, perks, and attachments in BF3 are all unlocked in sequence from the experience points you earn during each/every match. The customization options that are offered are unique in many ways, and some of the weapons/attachments you unlock are truly BF3 only content. The ranking system in BF3 reminded me a lot of Killzone 3. It features a flag points system that is very similar to it. Another thing that gave me a little trip of nostalgia was the dog tags system. I have honestly never played a Battlefield game, so I'm not sure if it was originally in the series but it definitely reminded me of dog tag collecting in "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty". Whatever the case may be I love trying to sneak up on other players to get their dog tags. In the end Battlefield 3 has it's own brand of unique content to offer, and is by no means a CoD clone.


CoD: Modern Warfare 3 -

Controls in MW3 are what you'd come to expect from the Call of Duty series. The layout depends on the use of about every button on the controller. Shoulder, and trigger buttons are the main focus. They control the weapon fire, grenade tossing, and aiming within the game. Movement is based on dual thumbstick controls that utilizes the (Left Thumbstick) for soldier movement, and the (Right Thumbstick) for line of sight purposes. The other buttons (X, Y, A, B) are used for such things as reloading, and crouching/lying in the prone position. Overall the controls are fairly easy to pickup on if you have ever played a first person shooter. If you're familiar with the CoD series then you'll feel right at home in MW3.

Battlefield 3 -

I'm a dedicated CoD fan, and I've never experienced a game like Battlefield 3. With that being said I picked up on the game's controls fairly easily. I found that the control layout of BF3 was significantly different than that of MW3, but that it was also more user friendly. As a CoD player I noticed that the crouching is different, and is done by pressing in the (Right Thumbstick). The shoulder, and trigger buttons are used in a slightly different manner, but are basically the same as you find in MW3. Reloading, and switching weapons are a little different as well, but quite manageable. Everything in BF3 from the soldier's movement to accessing, and driving the various vehicles all seemed so natural to me. The game's controls definitely seemed more fluid than that of MW3, and had a realistic feel to it. I'm now a huge fan of the Battlefield 3 controls, and often times find myself wishing InfinityWard/Activision had went with a similar layout.

In conclusion I found that each game had something unique to offer to the gamer. I'm very open minded when it comes to trying out new games, and I ended up finding both good and bad things going on in MW3 and BF3. I'm currently enjoying MW3 more than BF3, but it's only because MW3 offers more multiplayer options. In the end what it all comes down to is preference. If you're ever unsure as to what you think about a game it's probably best that you rent the game, and try it out before spending top dollar for it. Also do as I did. Go online, watch game videos, and research the game as much as possible before deciding on the purchase of a new game. Websites, certain Youtube channels, and review blogs like my own often give gamers the lowdown on what games are worth a buy and those that aren't. The decision is ultimately yours, but doing research before heading out to the game store can definitely save you from making a bad purchase.

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