Friday, March 23, 2012

Fred's Fridays Ep.4: "Encounters of the Worst Kind!!!"

"Pyramid Head ain't got @#$% on me!"
'Exiled Zombie' - Adam Anderson (@StickyDPadGames) says this particular zombie will be outside the survival maps, in between you and a merchant that's in the upcoming games. From the way Adam describes him he will deal some serious damage to Fred if he notices him. The only way to avoid this monstrosity will be to hide in houses. It's best to not make a sound if you're anywhere near this fellow!

The above picture is of an in-game character ('Exiled Zombie') for @StickyDPadGame's upcoming 'Dawn of the Fred' & 'Night of the Fred' indie games that will be released this year. I hope you enjoy the 'Silent Hill' related caption as well as the following piece of Fred's story that picks up where Fred was left off two episodes back ...

CHAPTER 4: "Encounters of the Worst Kind"

The last time anyone laid eyes on Fred it was during the police line-up following the whacked out assault from the equally whacked out characters he had encountered. The D.D.J. (Digital Department of Justice) had the four perps almost ready for Fred to pick from when Fred vanished! They couldn't find the poor boy anywhere! Fred, just as dazed and confused as he was two weeks ago found himself lost somewhere that could be easily described as 'Silent Hill' or 'The Twilight Zone'. All Fred knew was that things just weren't as they seemed. In the distance he could see, and hear a peculiar salesman shouting strange sales pitches to a seemingly invisible crowd. Fred made his way towards the odd character, and as he did an eerie moan was heard from not too far away. Looking at the alleyway to his left Fred sees a humongous figure emerge. What appears before him is some sort of hulking grotesque zombie-like creature. Fred lets out a meek squeal as he makes a mad dash for the sales vendor. Things begin to move like a bad dream (you know ... like really slow) as Fred scrambles to make it to the salesman. Just as Fred is about to reach the salesman, and just as the grotesque being is about to attack the world that Fred has found himself in fades away in a blur. When Fred's vision clears he realizes he's right outside the D.D.J. Police Department. Fred wonders if he had just been beat a little too hard with the wiffle ball bat, or if the shock of what had happend had been too much for him. Whatever it was he was definitely glad to be back in reality ... until he realized his reality wasn't much better ...

'Dawn of the Fred' is scheduled for a Summer 2012 release, and 'Night of the Fred' is scheduled for an October 2012 release on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace (XBLIG)!!!

Feel free to stop by for insight on the developers, and their work. You can also follow my indie friend via Twitter@stickydpadgames if you haven't done so already!

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