Friday, March 14, 2014

Gamestop Makes Good On Their Promise

Yesterday after raising six levels of hell, and making a total ass of myself online about the pre-order issues that I had with Gamestop I revisited the store, and ultimately found the situation resolved. Both Karen (the store manager), and Shawn (an employee) worked hard behind-the scenes on my behalf to right the wrongs that were done. After talking to Shawn personally, and squaring away all the harsh feelings I had my faith in Gamestop's services were renewed, and I once again found some common ground as well as some understanding of the efforts Gamestop as a company has put into place in order to make our experience a more welcome one. I'll be the first to admit I have found some things going on in the store in the past that were anything, but customer friendly. Regardless of this obviously negative side of the Gamestop customer, and business relations though I now see hope for the store regardless of it's unpopular standings with the gaming community. There are things that Gamestop has put into place to help fix anything that needs to be fixed business-wise. We as consumers merely have to voice our opinions in a respectful, and professional manner with these tools.

For those of you who don't know it Gamestop has in place a hardly used tool that can help you help them improve upon the services that they provide. Every time you purchase something from Gamestop the employees will more than likely ask that you fill out the survey listed on your receipt. They don't demand it, but simply ask that if you feel like giving a little bit of your time it will help the company, and the employee in question to better serve you. The survey itself takes little time to do, and allows you to rate different aspects of customer service as you you see fit. Being honest is the key here though. By clicking a handful of rating options, and leaving a comment, or two you will not only make Gamestop services better for yourself, and future customers, but you will also be placed into a monthly drawing for a $100 Gamestop gift card. It's a win-win situation.

I personally have taken the time out of my daily life to do these surveys simply, because I've enjoyed talking to the local Gamestop employees regardless of how short-lived the conversations may be. Sure the product pushing does get annoying, but I can look past that, because I understand the employees' situation. It is their job to promote Gamestop related products, and services. Whether we want to admit it, or not this form of in-store product advertisement happens nearly everywhere we shop in America. I do not fault the employees for doing their job, and you shouldn't either. It's hard to get a job in this failing economy, so I try to always look beyond the annoyances to allow these hard working employees to earn an honest living. We are all practically in the same financially strapped boat doing whatever it is that we can to make a living. For that reason I think we all need to step up, and be the better consumer, and only complain about things that truly amount to something. Knit picking complaints on stuff that doesn't matter needs to be avoided entirely, but if you come across a situation that definitely needs to be changed choose to voice your opinions, and concerns in a calm, and  professional manner. Nothing ever good comes from demanding something without viable reasons to back up your claims. Be a smart consumer, and businesses will no doubt respect what input you have to give. Rationality is the key to betterment.

I have learned my lesson, and have come out of this situation a better man than I was before. I also think Gamestop has learned something valuable from the more well spoken points that I shared with them, and will no doubt work on making future shopping experiences better for other customers out there. I look forward to spending more of my hard earned cash at this local gaming store, and hope they are able to stick around for the long haul. I hope that I continue seeing Shawn, and Krystina working there, and that they continue to provide the quality customer service that they always have. As far as pre-orders go Gamestop can once again count me in. I will pre-order games when I see something worth getting. I hope you too will give Gamestop a fair chance, and that you will choose to fill out those surveys on a regular basis. If you don't do it for your sake at least do it for those customers like me who still go to Gamestop for their gaming needs.

Btw, None of these statements were forced upon me. I took it upon myself to give credit where credit is due. If someone does wrong by me I'll say so. If they do right by me I'll gladly admit that as well.

Your Last Samurai,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)

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