Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Recent Clash With Gamestop

If you follow my Twitter timeline closely you'll no doubt have seen me ranting & raving the other day about my recent pre-order issues with Gamestop. I had put down $20 ahead of release date thinking that it would secure me the "Black Armor Ed." upgrade that was so heavily advertised via Gamestop's official website, Twitter account, and emails up to this very month. Little did I know that my pre-order experience would turn into an all-out three ring circus though. I do realize that I may have blown things out of proportion in regards to the employees being at fault, but someone over at Gamestop was definitely not doing their job right. At this point in time I'm solely pointing my finger at Gamestop management for the blame as this is the second time I've pre-ordered from an employee who was ill-prepared to handle my pre-order properly. I feel as if someone in upper management is failing to properly educate, and inform employees about what to do in all situations.

Of course my apologies go out to Krystina, and Shawn of the 'Oakwood, GA' store for causing them trouble. I feel management should take the brunt of the punishment, if there is any to be applied. As far as my pre-order fail goes I will not be pre-ordering any more games from Gamestop as a result of this second mix-up. Having to shell out money for gas in order to make a return trip for an exchange is not a feasible option. The game already costs over $60 to buy, and having to make a return trip to assure I got what I paid for is just not right. The fact that Gamestop is giving me the "Black Armor Ed." upgrade case does little in the way of pleasing me, or making me content with my pre-order purchase. On top of that I feel like a total ass dragging Krystina, and Shawn into this mess. I will no doubt go in to get my pre-order bonus later this week, be greeted by the employees whom this situation concerns, and have to witness them forcefully apologize in front of a manager. I don't want, or need a damn apology unless it's from the manager themselves. What I do want is for shit like this to never happen.

I'm a simple gamer. I like buying, and playing games that I get from the stores I go to. Whether it's Gamestop, or some thrift store I want to go home with my game pleased that I have it, and not have to worry about shit that should have never taken place. I'm kind to most people in my life including people I don't know from Adam/Eve. It pains me to no end to have to turn into an asshole in order to right the wrongs other business owners, and other individuals have inflicted upon me. I'm not an asshole, and I don't want to be recognized as one every time I step foot into the Local Gamestop. I don't want to be feared by employees who are working hard to make an honest living.

In closing I'm gonna say to Gamestop, "Please get your shit in order!!!". You offer a good service for those looking to take advantage of certain discounted games. Your pre-order program, when it works is a true blessing to gamers such as myself who want to get exclusive pre-order bonuses. At the same time though some of your practices such as making someone pay full price for an already opened game is inexcusable. Also not educating your store's staff properly, and forcing them to push products on would be consumers is not the proper way of doing things. Educate your staff properly about the products you sell, and let them be the genuinely gamer friendly people that they should be able to be. Your constant display of website ads, and Twitter ads is enough to get the products you are selling, or seeking to sell noticed. I for one check the website frequently when looking for games, and products I want to buy from you. All you are doing is turning away your potential customers with product pushing, and making your business establishment as well as your employees look like a bunch of asses.

Your Last Samurai,
Brad (OtakuDante)

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