Friday, April 25, 2014

Let's Talk - "Going All Digital"

It's midway into my day, and I just got word via +boogie2988  on Youtube that Gamestop is basically shutting down it's gaming business for a business venture in mobile phones, and tablets. While that's a whole clusterf*ck in itself I want preach a sermon on something else that relates to the mobile gaming industry, and the digital practices it entails. This is a lesson in "Have & Have Not", as it were. Some of you in this world may be thinking this very day about the future of entertainment, and that going all digital is not a bad thing. WELL YOU'RE !@#$% WRONG! Let me explain why. In this world we live in today the stock market is dwindling, paychecks are harder to come by, consumer spending is at an all time low, and damned if gaming companies, and companies in general aren't going under one right after the other. What I see in the midst of the monetary maelstrom is a bunch of people trying to grasp for substance, and people who are trying there hardest to get that one thing that ensures a decent living. This "thing" is known as money. The root of all evil. Companies these days have turned to various greedy practices to get as much of this money as possible. Individuals themselves are even hacking accounts and scamming others to do exactly the same. Money is on everybody's mind. It's what makes the world go round.

As naive, and ignorant as some business based decisions seem to have been lately you will find that corporate giants know exactly what they are doing these days in regards to their moneymaking schemes. Gaming for example is being turned on it's head by "nickel & diming", "Micro-Transactions", and all the digitally downloadable content you could throw your hard earned money at. They want to give you less, and charge you a hell of a lot more. With each new digital gaming release, and digital content offering comes a binding legal agreement that basically says that even though you bought said product with your money it is not guaranteed to be there forever, and it is not yours. You own the rights to use the content so long as you abide by the rules of the legal agreement. It's as simple as that. This is what gets me about people defending the digital practices. It's basically a way for the higher ups to control our lives, and our spending. In regards to digital, and physical copies of games I would rather own an actual physical copy than be left with nothing when the console manufacturer goes under. Wouldn't you???

It may have not crossed your mind before, but what would happen if a gaming giant such as Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft went under (don't shrug it off, it could happen)? All those digital games you bought on your consoles, and all those hundreds of dollars you poured into said consoles will not mean a damn thing. Without the PSN (Playstation Network), Xbox Live, or Nintendo's network up how do you think you're gonna re-download your games, or even play them? Didn't think about that one did you? The same goes for music, and movie downloads. Hell, anything digital is at risk of going extinct at some point in time due the the legally binding, and digital practices being put into place.

What aggravates me even further about all this is that the corporate media giants know exactly what it is that they are doing. That's why they are putting into place legally binding agreements on consoles, tablets, smartphones, PCs, Macs, and what have you. They are pushing a digital agenda that will gain them pure profits, and leave the consumer with shit. They don't care about you. They sure as hell don't care about your opinions, and if they act like they do they are only blowing smoke up your ass to bleed you dry of your last red cent.

I realize that what I'm saying is about as negative as it gets, and that it mirror's many modern doomsday scenarios, but this is the reality of the entertainment world that we are living in. It's the reality of daily life in general. Everyone, and I mean everyone is looking out for number one, and they do not care who they hurt in the process so long as they get rich doing so. Going digital is not the future of gaming, or entertainment. It is a ploy to bleed the consumers dry, and fill the pockets of the corporate giants who are going to reign supreme when the shit hits the fan. Companies will slowly, but surely die out, the economy will eventually tank, and the high cost of living will become higher than it ever has been in the history of mankind. Whether you want to believe me, or not this world is in for some uncertain, and dire times. We are living day to day hoping that tomorrow will be better. Sadly that hope is about hopeless as it gets, especially when John, and Jane doe citizen are giving these corporate giants the keys to the kingdom. I've said it once, and I'll say it again. Speak with your wallets folks. Don't throw away your hard earned money on uncertain things. Invest your money, or at least most of it in you family's well-being, and your children's futures.

I know you all love the world of entertainment, and so do I, but there's a point when important things must come first. I'll continue supporting my hobby as I always have, but I'll do so wisely. I will not support businesses, or business practices that aim to hurt those I care about. Gaming can still be fun, but wouldn't you rather actually own something than own the rights to play a game that you paid full !@#$% price for? I will close on that note, and let you think about what I have said. Feel free to leave a comment if you like. As always I'm looking out for you, my friends.

Your Last Samurai,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)

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