Friday, April 25, 2014

'Skullgirls Encore' Free For PS+ Subscribers in May!!!

Putting aside all negative feelings for 'Autumn Games', 'Lab Zero Games', and their fanboy fighting game community I will admit that "Skullgirls Encore" is a decent fighting game experience. It offers a beautiful art style, amazing music, unique fighting game characters, and mechanics that try to right the wrongs of many generations of fighting games. The initial project was truly ambitious in it's own right, and in a slight way has prevailed in it's endeavor despite it's many ups, and downs. Players of the "Marvel vs Capcom" series will be glad to know that the developer has taken some inspiration from MvC, and has even applied some features from other well known fighting game series (color palettes, etc., ...).

Aside from the similarities of other fighters the latest edition of the game "Skullgirls Encore" continues to take in account infinites, and continues to apply the anti-spam mechanic that made it's namesake notable. It is this anti-spam feature that will enable the player to escape from repetitive combos should they get caught up in them. With that being said though the game is still not flawless, and there are ways to extend, and exploit combos by slightly altering hit patterns. As such combos in the 100's can be achieved if you can time your inputs just right. With all of it's good, and not-so-good points though the developers behind this fighting game creation continue to patch it, release new in-game content, and release new character DLC for their diehard fans.

It is this continued dedication to making the Skullgirls gaming experience an enjoyable one that sets 'Lab Zero Games', and 'Autumn games' apart from many developers out there today. Since the launch of the game it has seen a roller coaster ride of gamer attraction, and gamer loss. Despite these ups, and downs the fanboy community holds strong to their favoritism of the game, and sticks strongly by the side of the developers who created it. For those reasons I applaude the developer, the co-developer, and the gaming community for their efforts. Many developers would have ditched the project long ago due to the lack of supporters, but Skullgirl's faithfuls continue to try, and make the best of the fighting game experience that they possibly can. I can still see this game rising from the ashes like a phoenix one day.

For those of you who have yet to try this hand drawn, and animated fighting game you'll have a chance to nab it, and it's free DLC come this May on the Playstation 3 console. The catch is that you have to be a PS+ subscriber, and that the game will only be yours to play so long as you keep up your PS+ subscription. If you truly want to own the game it will only set you back $14.99 in PSN credit. It's not a bad deal for a fighting game with solid offline, and online offerings. There's plenty of eye candy in the form of busty cartoon-like females, interesting characters to use, and engaging stories to enjoy. The game's modes are all accented with the same impressive stage art, and jazz-like music which adds a unique tone not often seen in the world of fighting games. I hope that you at least give this game a chance, and see what it's all about when it's May PS+ release comes around. I'm sure you'll find that it's not all that bad, and that it's a nice break from all the other like-minded fighting games in the marketplace today. Be sure not to miss out!

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