Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An Open Letter To Nintendo ...

There's no doubt that Nintendo is facing some hard times. There's also no doubt that most of the blame behind these financial declines lies solely with their poor decisions. Even in the face of this looming disaster I can still see hope for the Nintendo brand of gaming though, if only they were to listen to the sound advice being shared. It's due time that Nintendo swallows their pride, and chooses to listen to their diehard fans. There's plenty of well spoken advice going around the internet as well as ideas that could dig Nintendo out of their abysmal hole, but they continue to ignore these words of wisdom, and reasoning. I'm going to share with my readers, and Nintendo some advice that I think could get them back on track with their fan base. It is after all the consumer who made them what they are, and not the developers who created the hardware, or the software. Listen to reason, and you (Nintendo) may once again reign supreme.

Section by section I'm going to rattle off some business advice that I think, and in some cases that the world thinks will help Nintendo rise to the top again. You (Nintendo) can brush me off like every other fan, but keep in mind that a fall always follows pride (as my friend so rightfully said) ...

The Wii U ...

There are several reasons why I personally believe the Wii U has failed to bring in the cash flow that Nintendo had expected. As everyone else in the world of gaming has said the library of the Wii U is severely lacking. Games have continually been pushed back, and IPs that could have raked in the money are being ignored. People would pay up for the Wii U if there was a game library worth turning to, but sadly there is not one in place. While Microsoft, and Sony have entered the next-generation strong they fail to deliver to the gamer a library of games worth bragging about. This is where Nintendo could jump in, and reign supreme if they only gave it their all. Game ideas being thrown at you like a next/current-gen Pokemon RPG would attract an unbelievable amount of attention. Seeing as Pokemon is being compared to Microsoft's, and Sony's Call of Duty series you know damned well it would be a cash cow yet you sit on your corporate arse twiddling your thumbs.

I myself, and others have even suggested doing another Metroid game, possibly one that harkens back to the days of Super Metroid with next-gen accents. A Super Metroid experience with a mixture of 2D, and 3D elements. Also we all know that the new "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" will arrive eventually. Why not release it earlier than expected? That game in itself would sell your Wii U console. I personally had a blast playing 'Super Smash Bros.' on the Wii myself. I spent hours upon hours with family enjoying the living heck out of it. You (Nintendo) know that the sales are there yet you still choose to spite your fans, and push the release back even further with certain titles.

Something else that would definitely draw in a paying crowd would be mature games directed at the older Nintendo audience. Why not give your fans some exclusive fighting games, or something with a little blood, gore, sexiness, or scares. I know AlphaOmegaSin recently brought up the fact that Japan is getting some Fatal Frame Wii U games, but you (Nintendo) choose to leave your Western fan base in the dark. This whole practice of giving Japan the best, and leaving out the rest of the world has to stop. It's only hurting potential sales. These once niche gaming genres such as that of Horror are growing in popularity over here in the US. Horror games are the craze as are JRPGs, and fighting games. Give the customer what they desire, and they will come back for more. Ignore them, and they'll stay the hell away.

The 3DS ...

Just recently I jumped back on the Nintendo bandwagon by buying myself a 3DS. Everyone I knew online was saying how great it was. Having been looking for a reason to trust my money with Nintendo again I purchased the handheld console, and immediately bought three games that interested me. From the get go I could see why the bragging was going on. The 3DS, like other DS consoles had an interesting library. The fact that the 3DS also supported past DS releases was a huge plus. What gets me about the 3DS though is that as popular as some games may be the game library for it still seems to be lacking. There's not that many "AAA" titles out there for sale.

I put my money, and my trust into the 3DS thinking the library would be amazing. In it's current state though it is honestly trailing behind what Sony's PS Vita has to offer. The differences between the Vita, and the 3DS are very noticeable in an "In your face" sort of way. The only real advantage that the 3DS has over the Vita is the fact that a decent memory card won't set you back $70 - $100+ dollars. Graphics-wise, and sound-wise though the 3DS pales in comparison. The only thing I can recommend doing in the case of the 3DS, because of these facts is to offer up some more exclusive "AAA" titles that will have gamers flocking over your (Nintendo's) way. As I said earlier JRPGs are a growing trend, and even mature games or fighting games might be your (Nintendo's) saving grace. A new "Super Metroid" game, or new Metroidvania style IP definitely would not hurt. It might also be good to include some proper puzzle games (An Original Tetris Reboot), or even some CAVE-like shoot'em ups (Shmups). This is all very sound advice that could dig you (Nintendo) out of that ever growing hole which you currently find yourself in. You simply have to listen to the one reason that you were big in the first place, and that is your fans/consumers.

In closing ...

Nintendo as we know it still has a fighting chance. If they can swallow their pride, and listen to their fans they might just reign supreme again. The gaming community is still looking for that savior console to offer what they've been longing for. Sony has faltered, Microsoft has blundered, and Nintendo is hanging on by a thread above a great dark chasm. Unless one of them can get their sh*t together, suck up the loss, and make the consumer glad to continue spending their hard earned money on their games, and gaming consoles the gaming industry as we know it is doomed. It's plain, and simple. This is your chance to shine Nintendo, and to show the gaming community which you have amassed over the years that you truly do care. "Do it, or do not" as Yoda so rightfully said. You are standing at the gaming crossroads, and you have an important decision to make. Down one path lies utter ruination, and down the other path a phoenix-like resurrection. I hope that your decison is the right one Nintendo, for your sake and ours.

Your Last Samurai,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)


  1. Nintendo has lost money but they are not hurting at all for it.

    Nintendo is losing money on the Wii-U, but that number will decrease once they release Super Smash Bros. Wii-U; they do not need to release it early because they need to fine tune it and Sakurai is a perfectionist so they will not release it early, I would not want them to.

    Also, fighting games will not draw in anyone to the Wii-U because only fighting game fanatics would buy a system for only 1 game, and everyone is already planning to do that for the latest Smash Bros. Nintendo exclusively had Tatsunoko vs Capcom and that did not sell systems for the Nintendo Wii, so I expect another game (Unless it is to the lengths of Marvel vs Capcom 4 or Street Fighter 5 EXCLUSIVELY) will not sell Wii-U consoles.

    If Nintendo wanted to make some money off their failing Wii-U (3DS is currently the #1 handheld console in the world with ownership increasing significantly with the release of Pokemon X & Y, and I sure we will see even more sold with the release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire), all they'd have to do is release a Pokemon game that included netplay and provided a better experience than the 3DS (Or have it linked to 3DS gameplay and hold exclusive promotions for online battle on the Wii-U. Like Pokemon Stadium but 2000x better).

    1. Dude. Do you like busting my chops? Please read this CNET post about Nintendo's sales, and financial status. They are indeed hurting for money, and for business. As high as their forecasted 2014 - 2015 sales goes it does not mean they are going to get that many sales, and dig themselves out of their current loss, or be financially alright. Even with Super Smash Bros. Brawl being slated for release I don't see millions of people throwing cash at the Wii-U for a single game (like you said about fighting games). They very well may buy the 3DS version though.


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