Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Original Nintendo Game Idea

I know gaming giants, and game developers usually will not take game ideas due to legal issues, but I'm gonna throw this idea out there for the sake of Nintendo. They can do whatever they like with it as it involves their classic Nintendo games. Just know I was the first to suggest it ...

Nintendo's "High Score Highlights" Collections

Imagine if you will a new gaming series dedicated to the classic games that made Nintendo so great. The games that took in account high scores, and have made their place in record making history. The games I speak of would include such franchises as "Donkey Kong", and the original Tetris amongst other things. My idea is that you take these retro gaming classics reskin them, make them pop, and and add new online and offline features while keeping the classic gameplay intact. Things like the hidden easter eggs in the old "Dr. Mario", and "Tetris" would be Awesome. In the way of graphics make the games retro, but add to them the artistic design of modern-day Nintendo releases. If you were to include "Donkey Kong" in the "High Score Highlights" collection for example you could use modern Super Mario Bro's art from the latest 2D releases, but keep intact that original gameplay. The same could be done for the original Tetris. Instead of going with the old graphics make the 2D blocks more vibrant, and possibly even make them shake/move in a 3D fashion on the puzzle playing field. Still use the classic style of gameplay though, and keep the music/sound effects the same as the original. Some retro elements are necessary to keep that oldschool gaming vibe.

As far as the collections go I was thinking you could pair up two reskinned Nintendo score based classics together in a mini-collection on one 3DS game cartridge (i.e., Donkey Kong + Tetris). Be sure to pick those well known games though, and make it a point to address the fact that the collections are based on the high scoring aspects of the game. The reason I say this is, because it is my vision that the "High Score Highlights" online features would be a reward based system that would award the world record holder a prize of significant value. It could be a signed Nintendo game, a console, a trophy of some sort, or even some Nintendo store points depending on the current set record.

Of course with record holders there needs to be some sort of replay capture feature to assure the public that the potential record holder did not hack the game, or cheat in some way. Perhaps an replay upload feature that would send actual replay recordings from the 3DS to an official Nintendo website would do the trick. You'd also have to have the players Nintendo ID posted somewhere on the replay for further verification.

These are just some of my ideas pertaining to the "High Score Highlights" series. I believe it would attract the attention of many gamers, and that it would help build up hype for Nintendo. Going oldschool, but keeping it modern at the same time would bring back gamers from the 80's, and at the same time attract the attention of gamers of today. The scoring, and reward system would also give gamers a reason to return to the Nintendo 3DS, and the games in question. I'm not sure how Nintendo will take my idea, but I sure as heck hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears. It is after all their games at the core of the idea, and not games of my own imagination.

Your Last Samurai,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)

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