Saturday, June 14, 2014

McFarlane Akira Action Figure

Recently while out at "Billy's Toys & Comics" I found a loose McFarlane Kaneda action figure complete with accessories. It was from the "McFarlane's 3D Animation From Japan Series 1" collection. While I would have preferred a boxed figure the loose figure was affordable, and in excellent condition allowing me to snap some photos to share with you. If you're ever in the northeast Georgia area be sure to stop by "Billy's Toys & Comics". He's got everything you can think of from classic toys of the 80's & 90's to more modern releases. You'll even find some obscure Japanese toys like a bigger than !@#%^ limited edition "Devilman" figure still in it's package. That sucker will be mine!!! If you are into Graphic novels, manga, comic books, and MTG cards you'll also find a lot of that type of merchandise over at Billy's as well. I was glad to see he was thriving in business, because I want to return as often as possible! Keep in mind though that most of Billy's for sale items will set you back a pretty penny as they are set at collector's prices. Given you will find a bargain if you look hard enough though.

For those of you who don't know of the anime movie "Akira" you need to check that sh*t out ASAP! I won't give any spoilers, but will tell you that the figure I scored was of one of the main characters. His name is "Kaneda", and is Tetsuo's childhood friend as well as a fellow bike gang member. The articulation of the figure is odd in that it isn't jointed like your average action figure, but it is jointed just right so that it stands easily on it's own. The weight of the figure is surprisingly heavy, and reflects the usual great quality that goes into making each Todd McFarlane action figure. The details, while simple are accented with a paint job that is oddly reminiscent of the actual in-movie coloring style. It looks as if it were ripped, or at least inspired by the "Akira" anime.

If you can find a sealed, and carded version I'd definitely suggest getting it for collection purposes. It's one of the finer McFarlane figures I have seen, and is flawless in comparison to most others. The mold is smooth, and not rough like some of McFarlane's more detail heavy action figures. A sealed Kaneda figure will run you close to $50 if packaged, and in mint condition. I scored the loose one for $10 which was reasonable enough. For those of you looking to complete the figure McFarlane also sold Kaneda's bike separately in the same series. For collector purists there's also a limited collector's edition complete with the bike, and the figure included in it features different articulation points than the stand alone version.

I hope you enjoy the look at my "Kaneda" figure, and that it inspires you to start collecting toys. There are small Toy shops all over America awaiting your arrival, and support. You simply have to know where to look. If you can't find a shop close by Amazon has a pretty nifty toy selection themselves, and you can often times find deals on there as well.

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