Sunday, July 6, 2014

Share a COKE with Brad

Recently my family stumbled upon this neat little promotional series that was implemented by the Coca-Cola manufacturers. It seems that if you travel to a gas station, or convenience store you are likely to stumble upon some 16oz bottled Coke drinks with names on the label. I'm sure they cover most American names, with the exclusion of some spellings. My Sister-Inlaw was able to find my name amongst the lot, and actually bought one for me yesterday. I honestly didn't think 'Brad' would be amongst the library of Coke label names, but I'm glad it was, because I can now share an image of the Coke product with you. On the Coke's label you'll see my name in bold print, along with the catch phrase "Share a Coke with ..." above it. Underneath all the white lettering is a hashtag trend for twitter that is as follows, "#ShareaCoke". I'll likely share it on Twitter as well being the Twitter faithful that I am. Anyways, I hope you enjoy a look at this cool idea by the guys & gals at Coca-Cola! Please share responsibly. No need to share the actual drink if you get one as that could possibly get you sick, supposing the person in question is sick.

Your Last Samurai,
Brad C. (OtakuDante)

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