Monday, July 7, 2014

My Connection Is Not Sh*te, Get It Right pt.2

Some of you my have caught my Twitter talk about my connection last night, and saw that my connection failed the speed test miserably. This in itself puzzled me, because the in-game online connection stats on the games I play all reflect a perfect 4-5 bar connection depending on the game's standards. I got to thinking about the speed test this morning, and then it hit me. I had run the test on my wifi enable PC which was feeding off of the signal of my main PC which was hooked up to the Broadband DSL. On top of that the wifi enable PC that I tested, and frequently use has a low 512MB memory making it pretty darn slow by itself. Of course things started making more sense after that. To ensure that it was not my connection that was the issue, and that my connection was not sh*te I decided to run the speed test on my main PC.

The results of the second test were much higher, but still probably nowhere near accurate. Like a friend suggested I'll probably have to reset the router, or contact my ISP to sort things out. Anyways the secondary speed test results included a 24 ping, 20+ download speed, and a 1.94 upload speed (Previous test - 34 Ping / 1.70+ Download / 1.70+ upload). Seeing as I'm paying for the top grade service package these stats still seem off. Even so my PS3 & PS4, while played in the online environment still reflect a perfect connection in a variety of different online games (see the photos in my previous post). My online gaming consoles, as they are seem to be unaffected by the speed issues that are showing up on my PCs.

Another topic I wanted to touch base on is the USFIV glitch phenomenon which sparked this whole connection debate. On fighting game forums everywhere players are swearing up, and down that the game has glitches, and that these glitches are causing the pop-up message anamoly to occur. If that's so, and it is my connection status (according to @Raurik) causing the pop-ups then the glitches would not be glitches, and instead would be connection related. If that's the case, and the glitches aren't glitches then all those people complaining about said glitches are having internet connection issues. Am I right?

I personally am still leaning toward the in-game exploit/hacking theory. I've been in too many matches where the pop-up message phenomenon gives the opposing player an unfair advantage, and affects them less than it does me. With that being said I also get my fair share of legit perfect connection matches in which there's no pop-up messages, or lag. Last night while testing my theories out, and recording some gameplay with added commentary I began to notice some things. One of the things I noticed was that when I was in the player lobbies looking for a full 4 bar match there were other players listed with varying levels of connection stats (0-4 bars). If it is my connection that is the issue, and not someone else's then how am I seeing a mixture of perfect connection stats, and lower connection stats at the same time?

Raurik claims that the connection stat bars in USFIV reflects what the connection is between the two players. If that is so it doesn't necessarily mean it's my connection that is the issue, and furthermore the fact that the lobby listings have such an odd variety of connection stats all at once with some being perfect, and others crap points to the conclusion that other players are at fault for the bad connection differences. Say for example if I have a perfect 4 bar connection listed in the lobby between someone that means my connection stat is working in perfect harmony with that player. Meaning that my connection is good. How is it then that at the same time in the same lobby listings there are connection stats that reflect otherwise, connection stats that range from 0-3 bars in strength? Think about it for a moment.

Next think the fact that each time I search for a match online in USFIV, or set my Arcade Mode playthrough to accept invites that I have it set to the "Same Region (US)". Now I could easily understand there being lag between me, and someone overseas seeing that there is an ocean's length dividing us, but when I set my settings to "Same Region" that should not be the case. Of course as I've said before players from overseas, and even gamers here in the US make bogus PSN accounts for countries of opposite origin. If this is the case with the connection between me, and the other players then it once again would not be my connection at fault, but instead the person who is using the fake US PSN account. Do you follow?

In USFIV, and all SF4 games before it I have always set my region settings to "Same". Always. Did you hear me complain as much when SSFIVAE was out? No, because It didn't have the obviously exploitable issues that USFIV has. For now I'm going to hold strong to my hacker theory, and let you ponder what I have said. Be sure to read closely, and even test my theories out if you so desire. I provided the proof via photos, and such, and plan to provide more as needed. Remember not believe all that you hear online even if it is in a respectable gaming forum. Hackers exist everywhere on the internet, and can sound as convincing as a legit fighting game enthusiast.

OOKLA ( 2014 Global Net Connection Speed Avg. -

OOKLA ( 2014 US Net Connection Speed Avg. -,1/United-States/

OOKLA ( 2014 Georgia Net Connection Speed Avg. -,18/Georgia/

Interpreting Speed Tests (My downlaod speed was at 20.0+ this morning) -

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