Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why I Do What I Do

I've never really explained my motivation behind my blog reviews, or why I request as many games as I do. I'm sure some of you think I'm some cocky wannabe journalist who thinks he's entitled to codes, and retail copies of games. Some of you on the other hand might like the review services I provide, and appreciate the time and effort I put into my work. Either way make no mistake that what I do is a full-time job. With "job" being the keyword. I personally don't get paid a dime for what I do, and the games I get only get played through once, and then I move on (90% of the time). It takes up a good portion of my daily life to do what I do, and is no different from the jobs that PR perform on a weekly basis. Do I think what I do warrants free games all the time? No, but I know for certain that I wouldn't be able to produce the amount of blog content that I do if it wasn't for the codes, or the retail games that are sent my way. The motivation which I spoke of just a few sentences before ultimately lies with my drive to write creatively, and support a form of entertainment that I grew to love, and have an immense amount of respect for. I also do what I do for every one of you. I've said it before, and I'll gladly say it again. You guys, and girls mean the world to me.

What I do as a gaming journalist, and an adult film journalist is a dream job comprised of my love for journalism, my love for both industries respectively, and my love for those who supported me throughout these past four years. I love more than anything to bring my collective thoughts, and opinions on the things I love to those who are willing to read about them. Honestly before my blogs became a "thing" I was some washed up guy who nobody would have ever known. I had plenty of exceptional talents, and gifts, but I had no one to share it with before I met you. Before I ever got into journalism I was so literally withdrawn from society that my life began to mean nothing to me. It sure as hell didn't mean anything to anyone else I knew personally for most of my life, but the moment I made my writings public through various online outlets (perhaps in a pathetic attempt to be acknowledged/heard) I found people who respected me for who I was deep down. I began to flourish as a journalist, as an individual, and strove to better myself in whatever I chose to do.

I began to realize, shortly after getting into journalism though that this great opportunity that was afforded to me through my initial social outreaching would soon be snuffed out if I could not keep a solid flow of reviews. I knew that fact from the start, and it scared me. I didn't want to go back to my withdrawn life. As such I put into play a plan that involved starting from the bottom of the journalist ladder with reviews of games, and dvds that I owned myself, and intended on working my way up until I was on par with the likes of greater journalistic outlets of the same nature. For over four years I put myself out there doing indie game reviews, and working with other websites that would believe enough in me to allow me to apprentice, and grow in skill. It was the equivalent of going to college, but without having to pay tuition to do so. I truly found myself to be lucky in those regards.

After creating my first blog, and taking my first step forward I made it a point to always earn the trust of every PR, game developer, and adult film studio I worked with, and keep that trust in check. I always made good on my promise to provide noteworthy reviews, and nearly everyone I did work for thanked me gladly for my efforts. If you've read my reviews you'll know that I always go all out, and that 99% of those reviews were made possible by developers, and PR who gave me codes or retail copies. I don't skimp out on the details I provide due to the value of the game that was given freely to me. Instead I do a short story's worth of typing to cover all the bases of any given game, or dvd production with no spoilers included. The reason I do so is simply, because I want to provide the greatest reviews for my loyal readers, and earn the game that was given to me for the intention of providing the review. Above all else though I don't want to let my readers down, and most importantly of all I want to keep them up-to-date on things going on in the industry.

When it came down to funding this dream of being an important part of something that I loved I came to the realization that I could never buy the amount of games, or dvds that I wanted to cover. At best I could afford a single game each month. Whenever I did go out to buy a game, or a dvd though it was always from a gaming studio, or dvd studio who had helped me along the way to becoming the great journalist that I am. I do believe in supporting those who support me, and I always try to do so, but  at the same time I simply cannot afford to put in the money that it would take to review as many things that I have during the peak highlights of my journalism career. Do I want hand outs? Hell no! I don't need sympathy, and I'm sure as hell not gonna beg for money.

I do however know how the journalist to PR biz works though, and know fully well that there are free copies of games, and dvds (aka, screeners) out there for people like me who have the skill, and talent to get products noticed. Does it cost the gaming studio, or the dvd studio anything of significant value? No. Does it cost me anything to do what I do as a journalist? Yes. In fact it costs me most of my daylight hours to provide for you a proper, and accurate review filled with my final thoughts/opinions as well as some eye candy in the form of pics and videos to get you interested in the things I'm passionate about. Time is one of the few precious things we have, and I personally don't think it's a bad trade to get someone like me to spread the word about a product (so long as it's good) with a free copy of said product for the time I pour into providing the review. I'm sure if you were working a full-time job, pouring in as many hours as I have you'd also like to be compensated, or thanked in some significant way.

In a nutshell I do what I do for my readers, for the betterment of myself as a journalist, and to voice my thoughts, and opinions on the things I'm passionate about. I don't do it for the freebies at all. Sorry to disappoint all you naysayers, and disgruntled PR/Developers. It's just not the way it is. In the end the question you have to ask yourself as a developer, or a PR is are you willing to part with something of little value to you for something that could potentially get your product known on an even greater scale? If so I'm here, and I'm willing to provide such a service for the small price of a free game code. If not, so be it. The question for all of my readers, which is just as significant as the last, is do you want to suffice with a review of one game per month, or would you like to read more of what I have to say on the more current games that you are also curious about? All it takes is a comment below, and I'll gladly oblige. After all you are one of the main reasons I continue doing what I do. If no one cares I'll gladly move on, and cease my reviews altogether. No skin off of my back as they say. If, however you'd like to read more of my reviews I'd be more than grateful to follow through on a more regular basis, codes provided of course. You can bet your bottom dollar that if I felt you truly wanted more posts that I'd request, and play through as many games as humanly possible in order to provide the reviews you seek.

I think I'll end the post there. Comment if you like, but know that I review all comments before they get posted, because of spammers and trolls. I'll close in saying, "Thank you for the greatest four years of my life. You have all been a godsend. That includes the PRs, Studios, and readers who all had faith in what I could do. My hope is that I can continue to bring you the content you deserve as a return reader on a regular basis, and that you feel comfortable talking to me about anything that I have reviewed, or will review. Your opinions do matter here, especially if they are genuine. Catch you all on the flipside ladies & gents! I hope to hear from you soon!"

Your Last Samurai,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)

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