Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Limitless + DVD Giveaway

It's a known fact that we as the human species only use a fraction of our mind's potential. Geniuses of the greatest intelligence, as smart as they are also meet such limitations. With all the inherent, and born capabilities in the human genetic make-up it makes one wonder exactly what we could do if we we're to know, and understand everything there is to know, and understand. Many scientists, movie directors, writers, and video game developers over the years have also pondered the same question, and put into published theory the rewards, and consequences for being godlike. This topic of limitless possibilities, and potential is of course where the movie "Limitless" begins, and where it continues on after ending openly. Based upon a novel by Alan Glynn titled "The Dark Fields", "Limitless" opens up with a seemingly final suicide scenario in which the main character 'Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper)' faces the consequences of his actions that took place well before the movie ever began.

In a first-person perspective delivered from the start Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) gives us a play by play account of his life before, and after the introduction of a certain mind enhancing drug. At first we find that Eddie is nothing more than a lowly writer facing the burdens, and struggles of living a life based on lies, and shallow promises. He's behind on rent, he's mooching off of a well-to-do girlfriend, and the book he claims he is currently working on is a mere figment of his own imagination. After a chance encounter with an drug dealing ex brother-in-law though Eddie gains access to a new drug called 'N17' which changes his life in a phenomenal way. The ex brother-in-law who seems to be living a rather shady existence himself tells Eddie that the drug can open up limitless possibilities for him, and gives him one pill on the house along with a calling card before departing from his life again. Having hit rock bottom Eddie downs the transparent pill on the way to his apartment only to find that his friend's claims were actually founded in reality rather than science fiction.

For the first time in his life Eddie is able to think so clearly that everything makes sense to him, and does so in a way that allows him to manipulate the world around him. As with most drugs though Eddie finds himself hooked on a feeling, and tracks down his ex brother-in-law in order to find out how he can score some more N17. Upon meeting up with the ex brother-in-law Eddie thinks he has an arrangement that will work indefinitely, but soon finds himself getting drawn into a world of drug dealing, addiction, loan sharks, corporate bigwigs, and a life filled with hopes, and dreams.

Like one living an actual drug addicted life Eddie Morra has his ups, downs, and crashes as N17 takes control of his life. With the pluses such as gained knowledge also comes a slew of adverse side effects that are gained from both the drug intake itself, and things well beyond the drug's medicinal reach. With each taken N17 pill Eddie Morra learns more, and more of the world around him as well as how to masterfully manipulate it under the influence of N17. Ultimately he becomes the target of many until he finally learns to turn the tables, and become the intellectual beast at the top of the human food chain.

In the way of plot material, "Limitless" weaves the strangely attractive visual journey about humankind's unbound intellectual limitations, and does so with an expertly crafted first-person narrative spoken by the main actor himself. The often times "Fight Club" oriented special effects (Flashbacks, Flash forwards, etc, ...), and scene enhancements helps the audience to see the film as if they were Eddie Morra influenced by the effects of N17. In a way it's like an acid trip (don't ask) filled with hallucinations, and plenty of WTF moments. Keeping true to the nature of the drug inspired events Bradley Cooper, who plays the role of Eddie acts, and is made to look as if he's high at times, and suffering from withdrawal at others. At the same time the intellectual side of the story which explores what would happen to somebody if they were to understand the world in a godlike manner is also explained in an equally visual way. Bradley Cooper's onscreen character, Eddie eventually becomes like God, or some all-knowing deity himself, and in essence becomes limitless potential-wise as a result.

The performances, the special effects, and the narrative story all come together perfectly, and end in a way that will be unsuspecting to any viewer who has not already watched the film. While the cliche plot rewind has been done many times over the director of this book-to-film project has made a triple "A" movie by implementing it the way that they did. It will no doubt inspire other like-minded directors to make films on a similar subject matter themselves. In fact, if memory serves me correctly Luc Besson ("The Professional", "The fifth Element" ...) has created such a film by the name of, "Lucy" which tackles a similar type of drug induced scenario, if ever so slightly. Like "Limitless", "Lucy" involves a main character who is under the influence of a mind enhancing drug. The difference though is that Luc Besson creates action where the director of "Limitless" went for a more "Novel" approach (pun intended). I aim to see "Lucy" too, by the way.

If you have not seen "Limitless" yet I highly suggest you do so as it is a movie well made. Like me you can find it in the Walmart $5 bin if you dig deep enough, and can add it to your growing dvd library for cheap. One lucky winner will also be able to score the dvd that I used to do this review with for free when I disclose the giveaway details sometime in the near future. Keep in mind though that this is a US only giveaway due to the fact I'm only able to afford shipping here. Even though the dvd cost me a mere $5 the shipping will cost more making it more than just chump change on my behalf. I hope that all my US readers try to win, because there are future giveaways at stake here. Potentially greater giveaways, mind you. If you have suggestions on how I should do the "Five Dollar Flick" giveaways feel free to let me know in the comment section below. I am open to suggestions. Just keep in mind that I have to approve all comments before they are posted due to internet trolls.

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