Saturday, September 13, 2014

Devil's Charm - "The Cursed Bracelet"

During a "Destiny" conversation with Stephanie (aka, @IRGRL) this morning I noticed she tweeted a link to her online jewelry store. At the mention of her products I myself was inspired to share with you the same link on my own timeline as well as share with you a special bracelet I crafted myself during my own jewelry making days. While I'm gonna share my own crafts with you please do my friend Stephanie a favor as well, and visit the link to her jewelry that she has posted on her Twitter timeline. She's an excellent jewelry designer, and could use the funds she earns from sales for modest reasons. Also give her a follow while your at it as she is one of the most Awesome gamers I've had the pleasure of meeting online.

Devil's Charm - "Let There Be Light!!!"
Devil's Charm - "Enter the Darkness"
Devil's Charm - "Exit Light ..."
Devil's Charm - "Seraphim"
Devil's charm - "Mobius Halo, the Trinity"
Devil's Charm - "Rosary Beads"

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