Friday, September 12, 2014

OtakuDante's Art 9/12/2014

Stare in amazement at the wondrous penmanship that went into this glorious masterpiece!!! Just kidding, LOL! I just thought I'd share with you a piece of art I did today. I hope you enjoy it even though it is a bit sloppy. It's a 5 minute drawing, not some well designed DaVinci sketch. Btw, I hope everyone is having an Awesome start to their weekend. I know some of you are at school, or are working today. Hopefully work won't be too hard for you, and you can get some proper R&R this weekend ...

"Werewolf  Warrior" - Brad Carver 2014


  1. Brad this is super awesome! Especially for a 5 minute drawing! You have inspired me to pick up my sketchbook again.

    1. Thanks! I usually don't spend much time on my drawings anymore due to time constraints, so it could have actually been better. Glad I inspired you to draw more though :)


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