Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Post About My Time Off

For the sake of posting a post I'm going to fill you guys, and gals in on what I've been doing during my time off from reviews. Exciting, right? Anyways ... Destiny has been the go to game for me for a while now. It has a sort of addictive charm about it that I just cannot deny. I've gotten plenty of new games (not to brag), but have found myself returning to Destiny for some relaxing thrills on a frequent basis. In fact yesterday evening a friend of mine (Dee) invited me to a chat in Destiny only to invite me to the "Vault of Glass" playthrough that he intended to do. I knew my level 26 hunter was ill-prepared for the task ahead, but seeing as it was my friend requesting help I could not say no. After assembling a crew of educated, and uneducated Vault of Glass players we took a two hour trek into one of the most nightmarish, and unforgiving environments that Destiny has to offer. With the aid of a level 30, and 29 players though we all managed to muscle our way through the abysmal experience, and come out victorious with plenty of noteworthy perks.

Needless to say "The Vault of Glass" is one video game ordeal I will not soon forget. It serves as a reminder that even when the odds are stacked against you a good co-op team can pull you through the most difficult tasks. Both Dee, and my other friend Kelly are truly awesome for having invited me along on their virtual journey. If it weren't for gaming with them online in Destiny I don't think I'd have grown as attached to the game as I am, and for that I'm thankful. Destiny is definitely one of those rare gaming experiences that can bring friends together even if they are oceans apart. For that Destiny ranks up there on my top games list of 2014.

For those of you curious about what perks I gained from my shared Vault of Glass playthrough just know that I got enough Ascendant Shards to rank me up a level, and even gained the bad ass "The Last Word" hand cannon. Let's not for get that epic cloak that looks as if it has a Face Hugger from ALIENS on it, or the chatterwhite (I think that's what it's called?) shader. The rumors are definitely true about the Vault rewards, but know that you will need an educated guide (someone who knows the raid inside & out) to make the most out of your playthrough. I hear tale that there's another, even harder raid on the way soon, so it's probably best if you get a group of trustworthy friends to do the 'Vault of Glass' with you before it's too late.

Aside from Destiny I have also been playing some "Destiny of Spirits" on my PS Vita. The game is celebrating it's 750,000th download with a "Seven Luck Gods" event in which you can earn seven different SR spirits by beating the bosses 10 times each. I think I've got five of the Japanese god spirits so far, and will try to get some more, possibly even doubles before the event ends. Keep in mind that if you want to partake of this event, or others like it that it is a timed situation, and that you will have to put in some decent hours if you want to get the most out of it. I should also mention that with the latest DoS patch you can now increase your spirit collection beyond 100 with the required amount of spirit orbs. If you own a PS Vita, and are looking for a quality free-to-play experience that is truly rewarding definitely download "Destiny of Spirits", and get your spirit collection growing!

Well, that about sums up how my time has been spent as of late. I've enjoyed a heck of a lot of gaming, and no longer have the stress of reviews weighing down on my shoulders. It's quite the liberating experience not having to meet a deadline, and play games as a job. I definitely love being able to chat on Twitter more.

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