Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thanks to an Industry

As a gaming journalist I have scrutinized, and picked apart games in order to deliver my opinions of them. Sometimes I've even taken my passionate rants to Twitter, and other social media outlets expressing my likes, or dislikes about said games. In the midst of all the passionate opinions, and hateful trolling that I've seen escalate on such outlets though I've begun to realize one thing above all else, and that is that we as gamers, and gaming enthusiasts have become so comfortable with telling game developers and console creators their faults that we don't take a second to realize the hard work that goes into such a project. We don't take in account the money, or hours put into game related projects, nor the fact that without the developers' investments we would not have any video games to play at all. It's for this reason I'd like to take the time out of my day to thank the industry innovators who still have the drive to take gaming to the next level even if it is through a trial, and error basis ...

I want to thank all the indie, and retail gaming studios who have made my unbearable years of life all the more pleasant. Your games, whether flawed, or not gave me an escape when I needed it most. If it weren't for you I might not be here in this world today, and for that you have my eternal gratitude. I also want to take the time to thank the console creators who have gambled billions on their projects, and have succeeded in their efforts despite what naysayers had to say. If it weren't for you gaming would not be a thing, and the world would be a duller place for it. I humbly thank you for your contributions to the entertainment industry. Lastly I want to to thank the gamers, and the consumers whose money over the years has helped the industry grow, and expand. If it weren't for you gaming would not have lasted for as long as it has, and the gaming studios, and console creators would have not been brave enough to expand upon the world of gaming. In saying that though I hope that gamers learn to recognize the amount of effort put into the gaming industry as I have, and that you too begin to respect it for what it is. We need not scare off those who created gaming in the first place with threats, and misplaced hatred. Speak your piece, but do so in a mature way.

Your Last Samurai,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)

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