Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ATTN Devs & PR: "Review Policy Change"

In the past day it has come to my attention that there is going to be a serious change to review codes for journalists such as myself. Apparently Sony is going to start making the codes only valid for a 48 hour time period after the codes have been redeemed. Seeing as most games require over 2 days time for me to complete, especially if they offer a lot of in-game content I will not be able to do a proper review from such a code. As it stands the review code change is set for the "future", but when that might be is anyone's guess. As such I'm going to put in place the new changes to my review policy now. If you wish to have me to review your game I will need a physical retail copy from hence forth. It's just the way it has to be if you want a thorough review.

If Sony had opted to change the review code standards to a complete story mode playthrough plus time spent in the additional modes to a certain point things would have been different. Unfortunately in order to keep journalists from holding onto codes, and scalping said codes on sites like eBay though they felt they had to limit the codes on a timed basis, a very limited timed basis. I apologize upfront to any game developer who cannot offer up retail copies, but it is out of my hands at this point.

For those of you looking forward to new reviews on this blog I'll do my best to review the games I choose to buy each month so long as I can afford to do so. Sometimes I might type up "Impressions" articles, and other times I might do my usual full-blown paragraph heavy reviews. I know this will limit the blogs content output greatly, but it is what it is. I hope you understand, and continue to return to each new posting regardless. I do appreciate everyone's support over the years, and hope to continue to see that support in the years to come. In the meantime "Game On!" everyone!

Your Last Samurai,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)

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