Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 Is Just Around The Corner ...

It has definitely been a disappointing year for gaming in many ways. The year 2014 has brought with it MANY gaming problems including half-assed products, money mooching to the extreme, and even the latest hacking fiasco. Some gaming studios along with gamers have felt the hurt of poorly made decisions all across the board. In fact some gaming studios are on the brink of self-destruction as we speak due to such poor choices. With the way things are going it's hard to tell if gaming will survive the hard hits it's been dealt, and continues to be dealt. I personally hope gaming companies, and certain gamers get their shit together in 2015. The trolling, modding, cheating, and hacking seriously needs to stop. The younger generation of gamers in particular needs to lay off the stupid sauce, and get educated on how to act in a social environment. While hopes, and dreams for a better year of gaming may seem foolish, and far fetched I'm gonna hang onto the hope that things will improve.

I've grown up on gaming, and would definitely hate to see my favorite past time snuffed out by stupidity, and outright ignorance. Gamers you know better than to be asses, and gaming developers/studios you know damn well you should be treating your fans with more respect. The truth is I could rant on for days about the topic that is gaming, and the current status of the industry, but I'm here today to clue you in on my review intentions for 2015 ... In 2015 I seriously want to continue my coverage of video games (PS3, PS4, PS VITA, 3DS & Xbox One), and other non-related items. Books, board games, and collectible/toy reviews as well as more comic book sharing are all on the list of things I want to do. With my adult blog possibly being put on the back burner for 2015 I should have the necessary time to dedicate to this blog, and it's content.

Currently I have NISA's upcoming JRPG "Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2: Sisters Generation" to tend to, and will hopefully be able to persuade other gaming developers to pitch in on my efforts to deliver gaming reviews to my readers as 2015 goes forward as well. I have been looking into new releases on all gaming consoles, and honestly it's going to be slim pickings outside of PSN, and XBLA releases for at least the first half of 2015. The line-up is about as slow to release as the beginning of 2014 was. Hopefully Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft will surprise us all with even more new releases than what's being listed on the game press though. As always I will inquire to the best of my ability in hopes of picking up some retail releases as well as some indies, and arcade games for your gaming education. If you should see a lack of content on my blog in 2015 just know that it's not, because I don't care about continuing my work, but that games are being picked over by the growing number of gaming journalists.

If by chance you are a game developer, or gaming studio looking to get your game noticed know that I am willing to play through, and review almost anything tied to the Playstation, Xbox One, and 3DS consoles. I currently own, and am more than willing to support the PS3, PS4, PS Vita, 3DS, and Xbox One. I'd like to see them all do well as it means a better variety of games, and gaming experiences for all gamers. My contact info will be available in this blog's contact section as usual. Feel free to reach out to me if you want your game, book, collectibles/toys, or product reviewed. In the way of books I love a good fantasy, or scifi novel. I also fancy a good horror story. As far as collectibles go any toy, or collectible that is unique/interesting will suit me fine supposing you can supply said item. One thing I forgot to mention is that I need the product for review. It is a must. Video Games of course can come in the usual digital format, or in retail copies, but everything else must absolutely be physical, and must be shipped to my house.

I would love to see this blog to reach milestone after milestone in regards to provided reviews in 2015. I hope that despite the stretch between game releases, and products that I'm able to keep things interesting enough for my readers to return. I hope to be able to provide a respectable amount of reviews each, and every month. Aside from those goals I'm also hoping my reader's will become an even more active part of my blog, and take the time to drop a comment here, and there. I know I interact with a lot of you on social media, but it would mean the world to me for my readers to leave comments worth keeping. Whatever you have to say (so long as it isn't trolling) is important to me. Suggestions, and compliments help me grow as a journalist. I believe there's always room for growth in any profession, and I'm definitely improving as I go along.

I think I'm going to close on that note. Here's to gaming in 2015! May it be worlds better than it was in 2014. Let us all work together collectively to make it happen!

Your Last Samurai,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)


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