Sunday, January 4, 2015

Gaming on the Weekend ...

It has been a lazy day. I went from the fear of worldly disaster via bad storms this Saturday to a Sunday filled with gaming, and family time. That is life, I suppose. Anyways, I thought I'd drop a little blog log (Lol!) for those of you who are interested in what I'm up to. In regards to games this weekend I've stuck mostly to 'Destiny' on the PS4, 'Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN' on the PS4, and 'Destiny of Spirits' on the PS Vita. I do have some review work I should be tending to, but I was in some desperate need for R&R. My nerves have been racked for many reasons, and I just needed a proper mental break to gain back some composure. I'm sure you guys, and gals can relate. Once the weekend is over (that would be tomorrow) I will begin on my playthrough of "Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2: Sisters Generation" which has FINALLY downloaded. It took forever to download that game after the hacking incident, but the game is now officially a part of my PS Vita. Once the embargo is lifted on the 23rd of this month I'll be able to deliver my review unto you.

Aside from gaming this weekend I went to visit my Mum at her new apartment which was likely the biggest mistake of my week. I got to see her fall from a small stepping stool, and hurt her back. I also spent a majority of my time there being socially distant, and watched several episodes from the 'Ancient Aliens' marathon. That is a good show by the way. It makes you think deeper about the world, and universe around you. I definitely like a show that gets people to think outside of the box.

Now that I'm back home though I've been offering up wisdom via Twitter as I do from time to time, and have also been chatting it up with some Twitter friends. I swear I could spend all my life watching peoples' thoughts, and comments on Twitter. It's never a dull time although some tweets are best kept to one's self. Shortly I'm going to get back into some 'Destiny', and take an in-game selfie with the sword wielding Crota dude. I know @Be11eBunny probably meant the larger-than-life Crota, but I can't do that as I've yet to play the new raid. Maybe she'll get a kick out of it anyways.

I hope that you have all had fun this weekend, but at the same time that you have invested some of your time wisely. Time is the most precious resource we have as humans, and to squander it wholly on foolish things is not a wise thing to do. That's why I often times quote a similar scaled down version of this very message from time to time on Twitter. Definitely spend some time with those you love. I know we all find like-minded friends online, but nothing can replace the real friendship/companionship between loved ones, and family. In saying that I actually find my own self wishing I had such friends to turn to, but that's a different story for a different time. If you are like me without a friend in the world though it's not bad to reach out to someone you trust enough to confide in online. Just be careful when you do so. Not everyone in the world has good intentions at heart like I do. Also DO NOT MEET UP WITH STRANGERS FROM DATING SITES. I don't care what they claim they can do for you, or who they claim they are. It's nothing, but risky business that could cost you your life. I see it happen frequently on the news. In fact some Georgia woman recently got shot in the face by some guy she met up with from an online dating site. If you are going to date do it the old fashioned way. Just approach a person who looks like they're single while at a bar, or social gathering, start up a friendly conversation, and see where it goes from there. Who knows? You might just find your life partner, your soul mate.

Brad the relationship guru (Lol! xD) ...

I think I'm gonna close on that note folks. Continue having an Awesome day, and do right by your fellow man & woman. Keep things positive, and all that jazz. I shall talk at you later!

Your Last Samurai,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)

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