Saturday, January 17, 2015

Xbox One: First Impressions

Some of you know by now that Santa Clause gifted me an Xbox One for Christmas last year. I had been a good boy (Not really xD), and was found fit enough to receive a second new-gen console for my many good deeds. Since I received the Xbox One I've honestly not felt compelled to play it at all though. It could be the limited game selection I've amassed for it, or the simple fact that the UI (User Interface) is as complicated to navigate as Microsoft's Windows 8. Either way I've not spent much time playing it, and haven't really felt the desire to ...

As far as the UI goes I've found that there are some unnecessary navigation steps in place that so desperately need to be simplified. Just getting to a game, or downloading content can be a troublesome task. There's no need for Windows 8-like apps to be shown in multiple panels like they are. Even the downloading process itself pales in comparison to that of the PS4's. It took days just to download Killer Instinct onto my console. Not a solid series of days, but I did leave the console on several times in a row for a few hours each time with little to no progress. I honestly do not get it. The downloads, and updates on the PS4 get done much quicker, and are much easier to manage.

Aside from the UI, the game I looked so desperately forward to (Killer Instinct) did not live up to the hype, in my opinion. The character design was mediocre, and stiff, and the in-game UI in it was also as unfriendly as that of the Xbox One's dashboard. I did play a few online matches, and even played through the tutorial but the game just didn't hold my attention. I do however still have my recently purchased "Sunset Overdrive" to tend to. I just hope the download process isn't as slow as that of KI.

As much as I wanted the Xbox One for review purposes I'm beginning to think it may have been a mistake to have requested one from the jolly old St. Nick. Microsoft is definitely going to have to prove themselves to me with at least one attention worthy exclusive. Something in the RPG genre would definitely hit the spot. That, or an action/FPS game that's better than CoD. For the time being I do not intend on trading or selling the Xbox One. I will give it a proper chance, and see if I warm up to it. If any of you happen to discover an XB1 game that you just cannot live without let me know. Just so long as it isn't Destiny, or something like Destiny. I'd prefer a console exclusive that would turn a PS4 fanboy's head. Thanks in advance!


  1. microsoft has a way of tampering with things more than they should.this can be seen the apt example.

    1. In regards to the Xbox One dashboard/user interface they definitely made things overly complicated. They need to get a team together that knows how to better improve the console's functionality. The new team also needs to know how to properly promote the console, and deliver games that gamers actually want to play on the Xbox One.


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