Monday, April 27, 2015

Archie vs Predator #1 - "Gamestop Exclusive Variant"

If you've not been visiting Gamestop's Power-up Rewards page for the past several months you'll have missed out on several comic book exclusives that were limited run variants. I'm talking about printed copies only in the low thousands. There have been everything from Marvel to DC comics, and now Dark Horse comics. The comic books will usually cost you an easily affordable 8,000 reward points (if you shop at Gamestop frequently), and will arrive at your doorstep in near mint, if not mint condition via a bag sandwiched between two cardboard boards. Speaking of which I finally got my '1 in 2,000' Gamestop variant today. I even snapped a photo of it's cover art for you! Yay!

In regards to the insides of said comic book it looks like your typical Archie comic, but is presented in a full-sized comic book format. The colors are vivid, and "yes" there is blood. The maskless predator depicted in the unusual crossover within the comic book's pages has a less sinister look about him though, and is more akin to a character done up in the Archie art style. As far as the cover goes it has a painted look to it with Predator appearing like his proper self, holding Archie up by his neck. While it's honestly not the best cover I've seen in regards to predator comics it still is pretty cool. I hope you enjoy the look at it, and maybe pick up a copy for yourself with your own Power-up rewards points!

Archie vs Predator #1 of 4 (1 in 2,000)

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