Monday, April 27, 2015

Mortal Kombat X - "A Week In"

Before I get started on my review work I thought I'd catch you guys, and gals up on my bug findings within MKX. Some I've mentioned before, and others are new to the growing list of problems plaguing MKX. When it comes to the offline offerings in MKX there's a lot that's not right. A heck of a lot. The faction war page, for example will more often than not give you a server error message when trying to access it. On top of that sometimes the faction challenges will not appear in the listing making it anyone's guess as to what it is you are supposed to be pulling off in order to get the WP (War Points) for your faction. Other issues tied to the offline portion of MKX include lag, the inability to perform X-Rays at times, and even performed X-Rays that end up triggering the opponents X-Rays upon you. Another thing that is tied to both the offline, and online scenarios is the faction war percentages. There is definitely something shady going on behind the scenes as the percentages are dropping for no apparent reason, and are being distributed more evenly in what looks like an attempt by the developer to make things seem fair. It is anything, but fair though.

In the online portion of MKX you'll find a frequent connection problem between dueling players that points to a bad netcode despite Netherrealm's attempt to region lock the game for fair play. Most connections show up as zero bars, and still play decently. Sometimes however you'll get in a two bar match against some asshole who will cheat you to death. Cheating in MKX's online comes in the usual, and not so usual variety. You'll find lagswitchers, and modded controller users in the thick of it. On the not so usual side you will find players causing your connection to freeze up, and time out giving them a "Quit-ality" win. You'll know they've been awarded such as it will not bring up the "Quit-ality" screen stating that you have won. Normally in these instances the players have wins in the hundreds, and losses only in the double digits. I've encoundtered this hacking phenomenon on occasion, but not frequently. I'm sure as time passes though assholes will do it more, and more.

Aside from the offline, and online tomfoolery I found a way to BS the faction war champion standings, and come out on top with the victors. I will not go into detail about how I did it, but I am currently a winner alongside all the other 'White Lotus' faction members. What worries me is that once people figure it out, and they will, the faction war standings will be an obsolete fixture in this already broken ass game. I had tweeted at Ed Boon ways to get around this issue, and to make the Faction Wars fair as intended, but my advice seems to have fallen on deaf ears. For those of you wondering what that advice was I had asked Ed to do a faction reset each week including a reset of the war point earning percentages, and that he also distribute players equally, and randomly amongst each faction. Currently there are two factions in the lead, and they are only there, because of the number of faction members in each. When you have a competitive weekly event that relies heavily on participation the team, or faction with the most players is obviously going to be the frontrunner. That's why I suggested the idea that I did. I think players should be evenly distributed amongst factions, and in a random rotating sort of way each week along with the faction reset. Giving the players a choice of faction only serves to hurt the point of the competition.

Well, that's the update for now. I'm hoping that Ed, and his development team at Netherrealm are able to sort things out, and make things right as MKX is an Awesome fighter at heart. They've definitely got a lot of shit to sort out though, and little time to keep the gamers interested. New, even more impressive games are just over the horizon, and should Netherrealm fail to fix the issues at hand in time players will turn their attention to other gaming experiences.

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