Thursday, April 23, 2015

Art for April - "Terror Sprite"

It has been a while since I shared any of my own art with my readers. The truth is I don't draw as often as I once did, and have only recently picked up pen & paper to make some creations of my own. Before I share this latest little horror/fantasy creature though I'd like to give you a little background on my talents as an artist ... Like most aspiring artists I did have had an influence in my life, growing up. My biological mother was an artist, and nurtured my creativity from behind-the-scenes after I was adopted at a young age, and further on as I grew up out of her care. In school, particularly the middle school, and high school years I began to get serious about my talents, and took some art classes to better understand the field of art. Despite learning the basics, and being taught that art is governed by guidelines I went astray, and created my own unique style. This style, for the most part included a more dark, and sinister tone filled with Hellraiser-like monstrosities. Keep in mind though that I hadn't watched a single Hellraiser film until recently. My hellish creations were definitely my own in that sense. I particularly enjoyed dabbling in pen & ink with added red ink highlights for the blood, and gore effects. One subject that really captured my attention, and inspired me throughout my artistic growth was the female body. I drew a lot of female creatures, and characters leaving the male figure to be my weak point in the field of anatomy ...

I still, to this day stick to drawing mostly female characters, or creatures that are neither male, nor female. The drawing you are about to see kind of shows that off. As far as my artistic maturity goes I've still yet to become the great artist I aspired to be, and am constantly evolving in my work, not really sticking to any one drawing formula. In fact my drawing styles are so diverse in nature that I find it hard to duplicate anything that I've drawn. It's a little Achilles heel that I have that prevents me from creating serial art, or art in a comic book/manga orientation. that, and the fact that I cannot for the life of me draw hands all that great cripples my professionalism. Anyways, that is a brief history on my life as a wannabe artist. I had so many dream jobs growing up, but never really mastered anything to the point of making it a true career choice. It happens. I suppose that's why I'm good at many things, but not an expert in one.

"Terror Sprite"

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