Tuesday, May 5, 2015

UNBOXING - SMT: Devil Survivor 2 'Record Breaker' (3DS)

As I've said before I am a fan of Atlus, and their games. I'm such a fan that I won't let bad PR relations keep me from indulging in the latest Atlus RPG, or niche video game release. It's stupid to judge a gaming studio by their PR's actions. That's why I decided to go out, and pick up one of their new releases, in good faith. In fact while I was out for a lunch break today I decided to stop by the local Gamestop to pick up a copy of "Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker" for the Nintendo 3DS. I had been watching the trailer updates via Youtube, and paid attention to the press releases that were sent my way. Having played, and owned "SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked" I sort of knew what I was getting into with this game. The first in the series, which I just mentioned wasn't all that impressive graphics-wise, but the actual RPG combat was addictive in it's own way. Like a Pokemon game the Devil Survivor series is all about capturing demons in a post apocalyptic world, leveling them up, and using them in combat against other demonic monstrosities. In the latest installment, or re-release this concept has been added onto, and expanded upon giving the gamer more bang for their buck, and extra content that was not in the original release. With that being said this collector's edition will set you back $50 plus tax, and makes you pay outright for that additional content.

With the latest "SMT: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker' collector's edition package you'll get a few interesting bonus items regardless of whether, or not you pre-ordered the game, just so long as you buy it new & sealed. With the standard size cardboard box that features satin & gloss finishes you'll find the main game case, the game, a CD soundtrack with four included tracks, and four decal sheets featuring character decals, and logo decals from the game. None of the extras are super spectacular unless of course you like RPG music, and love decals that you can stick wherever you like. I personally love the extras, and will keep them unopened, and unused for collection purposes. That is the collector in me.

One thing I was disappointed with in this particular collector's, or limited edition was the fact that there was no instruction booklet included. It honestly doesn't surprise me though considering Atlus cut corners with the limited edition of "Persona 4 Arena Ultimax", and gave me half of a cardboard box to cover the inside contents of that particular pre-ordered item. It seems gaming studios, and publishers are all about maximizing profits these days even if that means cutting corners, and leaving out things that would usually be a part of the game's package. 

For what you get with this latest re-release I don't think there's too much to complain about though. I did notice however that the back of the box showed future DLC content which does have me somewhat concerned. If it's insignificant add-ons that aren't crucial to enjoying the entire story, or game as it was given in the original release then it won't bother me too much. If it's extras that give others advantages though I might have an issue with what Atlus is pulling in regards to offered DLC. I'll definitely keep a watch on the internet for updates regarding DLC.

If you are a fan of the Shin Megami Tensei series, or even the follow-up Persona series, and have a 3DS you might want to give this game a try. As I said briefly before it is chock full of content, and extras that were not in the original release. Supposing you can find a new sealed copy you'll also be treated to the music CD, and some really cool decals. The choice is yours of course, but be sure to do your own research before settling on my limited claims in regards to the game's better features. Research is king!

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