Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekend Blog Log (May 3, 2015)

It's been an interesting week to say the least. The review work once again slowed to a crawl, possibly because I've failed to reach out as strongly as I used to to developers, and studios. On the flip side of the same coin though I've experienced what it's like to be without review work, and it's not too totally bad. I was able to help split the wood from the fallen trees outside my house, and enjoy some of the nice sunny weather that has been a rarity to us here in Georgia this Spring. I rarely get outside, and to be able to do so with company was a treat. I also had some Marcos pizza with family, which in itself was a treat. You'll find that I'm actually a very thankful person in life. I'm thankful for the review opportunities I get, the friends I meet through reviews and social media as well as the daily activities I'm able to participate in. I feel blessed even though I sometimes linger on the more negative things in my life.

This year I've seriously been pondering cutting out the review work entirely, and focusing on my own life for a change. I've poured a good four years into my review work, and have produced hundreds upon hundreds of reviews. While gaming, and adult film journalism has been my passion, and driving force from day to day I feel the effort it takes to secure a review code, or a dvd screener has become too much of a hassle due to PR who can't sift through requests properly. The added PR rudeness, and blatant disrespect has also weighed heavily on my mind. Somewhere along the line studios, and their supporting PR have become so obsessed with picking the "favorable" journalists for maximized positive reviews that it defeats the purpose of gaming journalism, and makes a bad name for all legit gaming journalists who don't accept bribes, or give into the PR bullying. At this point the future of "OtakuDante's Gaming Inferno" remains uncertain, but I will say that it has been a blessing to have readers, and friends who care about what I have to say in regards to the latest video game releases. I thank all of you for your return visits, and hope that you continue to return as long as I keep doing what I do.

For the remainder of this weekend I'll be enjoying some game time of my own. I'll more than likely give into my urge to play MKX even though it remains broken, and bad online. It is my new gaming addiction. As far as you guys, and gals go I hope that each of you take this last day of the weekend to enjoy your time off, but at the same time reflect on the things you are thankful for in life. Life is a precious thing, and the time we have should be invested wisely lest it all be for naught. Be sure to invest your time wisely, and keep that positive outlook on life that I always preach about on Twitter. Peace be with you, my friends!

Your Last Samurai,
Brad C. (OtakuDante)

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