Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekend Blog Log (June 28, 2015)

Hello friends, and return readers! It is Sunday, the last day of the weekend. As usual I will disclose what my week consisted of, and what my plans are for the future. As far as last week went it felt like an utter waste of time. For most of the week, and this weekend my days have been a total wash out due to severe weather. It has been unrelenting to say the least. The more the year passes the more, and more I believe climate change is affecting the US. It has been an outright catastrophic year weather-wise for many US citizens including us here in the southern state of Georgia. Whether it's severe weather, drought, earthquakes, or other natural disasters plaguing us we are always being hit hard by something. I can't count on my two hands how many close calls me, and my family have had with the severe weather. It is getting scary. Thankfully today though we are catching a proper break here, and are experiencing some nice dry weather. Even the temperatures seem to have cooled down significantly. For that I'm truly appreciative. I hope the rest of you are also enjoying a nice Sunday too.

In case you missed it I did manage to post my review of "Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3" ahead of release. It definitely gets my seal of approval, and in my opinion is a must have for any PS Vita owner. I think there's still a sale going on for Re;Birth1 if you haven't already bought it, and it is marked down 80%. Neptunia Re;Birth3 will be released this coming Tuesday, so be sure to get it before the limited retail copies sell out. I would say pre-order it to insure you have a copy, but that pre-order window is pretty much already gone. Also be sure to read my review if you have not already as it will clue you in to all the details pertaining to the game.

Aside from getting that review posted I've also been grinding away at Destiny to prepare for the "Trials of Osiris" with a couple of my UK friends. We were actually off to a very good start yesterday before the storms interrupted. This week's map is definitely manageable. I'm just hoping we get enough wins to gain the ultimate prize. Fingers are crossed ...

As far as future review plans go I'm hoping to get a new game for review next week, but if that plan falls through I do have some adult dvd reviews that need to be done. I also plan on watching the horror indie "Spring" at some point. I picked it up yesterday for the lowly retail price of $8.88, and at that price it was surprisingly cheap. I've come to notice that most horror indies cost less than the mainstream movie dvds, and for me that is a huge plus. I love horror films, and there have been some really awesome horror indies lately. I highly suggest picking up "The Babadook", and "As Above so Below" if you haven't already. Both are surprisingly good.

I think I'm going to close on that note. I hope you enjoy your Sunday, and that you spend your time wisely. Tomorrow marks a new work week, and we must put in the time to make our next weekend off more rewarding. I shall type at you later! Remember to keep things Awesome & Positive!

Your Last Samurai,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)


  1. recently we came to be hit with tornados that are intense enough to wreck homes. that was unusual in the 20 century.

    i'm also a huge horror movie buff. and i'm definitely checking out the movies you mentioned.

    1. The weather has been very unforgiving all across the world this year. We get tornadoes each year, so it's kind of normal for us. The only abnormality there's been weather-wise is the frequency of the stormy weather, and the severe nature of it. In fact the news this morning said we have another week's worth of storms ahead of us.

      Definitely check out those horror movies. Here in the states they are cheap to buy, but are worth it. I'm going to check out another one called, "Spring" today. I've heard nothing, but good things about it.


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