Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Plans, Plans & More Plans ...

From the get-go it has been my aim to provide high quality, and truthfully accurate reviews for those who would care to read them. I have poured my heart out over the past four years, and have invested up to weeks at a time into providing each of the given reviews. Most of my efforts have been met with gratitude, and understanding. In some situations said reviews, and requests have even been met with misinterpretation, and butt hurt (for the lack of a better word). At times I've questioned why it is that I continue to offer my services to developers, publishers, and PR, but have always come back to the conclusion that I do it because I love gaming, and because I love posting reviews for my readers to read. Even so I'm back at that same self-exploring question. Do I continue, or do I stop? As of now I have plans to continue until at least the end of this year. I have inquired about several games, and have worked to patch relationships with certain PR so I can provide more reviews for everyone. I intend on following through with each review that I've inquired about, and will pour my heart out into said reviews like I always have ...

Once 2015 draws to a close I'm going to weigh heavily the pro's, and con's of what I do, and make a decision as to whether, or not I'll continue offering my services to PR, developers, and publishers in the years ahead. By that I mean work for said individuals, and companies may cease, but at the same time the blog will continue on as a hobby side-project. If the blog does become a "hobby side-project" you'll still get some reviews, and article postings. They may be more limited, but they will be heartfelt nonetheless. I've always believed in giving it my all in whatever it is that I do. I've pushed boundaries, and fought against insurmountable odds to become a better me, a better journalist. I will never stop in my quest to better myself, and to learn new things about the world around me. You'll still get the clever quotes, and whatnot from me on social media. I'll still be a friend to my friends, and will always keep in touch with the supporters who have helped me to rise to the top. You, my friends, followers, and supporters mean more to me than you'll likely ever know. For that reason I owe you a lot. I've met with some dark times in my life, and to have had the privilege to have known you through my work has been more than a blessing. For that I humbly thank you.

I hope that whatever my decision may be in the coming year that you stick with me even after my days of career journalism are done (if that ever happens). I hope that the friendships I've made last till the end of my days, and that we can continue to share laughs, thoughts, and positivity through the social media outlets that we frequent. You can still expect some significant reviews in the days, weeks, and months to come, so there's no need to worry for the time being. I hope that you enjoy the posts as you always have, and that provided reviews educate you properly. In a final closing "Splinter (TMNT 1989 Movie)" voice I say the following, "I am here for you my family".

Your Last Samurai,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)

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