Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Youtube Culture, Gaming, and the Entertainment Industry

Diving right in ... I've noticed, since my own Youtube channel's debut in 2008 that things slowly but surely began to effect various things in the world of social media, and entertainment. Youtube started on a harmless note with comedic videos, and videos of the homemade sort meant to entertain those newcomers who would dare invest time out of their day to view what the content provider had to offer. Eventually when money making aspects reared their ugly head alongside other harmful trends Youtube, and the accompanying social media outlets took the internet invention on a downhill spiral that it will likely never recover from. Everyone, and their mother was out to get their time in the spotlight. Everyone was looking to make the big bucks even if it meant forsaking their morals as entertainment enthusiasts. Things like "Trolling", and "Griefing" became popular. As sexist as it may sound sexy gamers also became a popular thing. To this day there are tons of copycat channels providing like-minded content of the worst sort to their subscriber fan base in hopes of reaping that PewDiePie fame, and fortune. Let's jump aboard that trend train kiddies! Choo! Choo! ...

Where my channel (not to promote it) differs from other channels on Youtube is in the fact that it's not shoved down peoples' throats like certain somethings in a bad porno. I'm not out to gain numbers, fame, or fortune. I do it simply because I enjoy sharing my gameplay feats with those who would care to watch. I do appreciate anyone who follows, and will greet them gladly on Twitter if they engage me in conversation. At the same time though I'm not out to become Youtube's next big hit. I don't beg for subscribers via social media, and I could care less if my subscriber number dropped to zero. I personally started my Youtube channel as a side hobby with the intention to provide home videos of me enjoying video games. Most of my initial videos came with commentary, but were all later taken down due to the infamous copyright strike program. That's part of the reason I don't invest time in doing commentary anymore. If I'm going to receive a strike on something I've invested quality time in I'd rather not waste my words doing so. That's another story in itself though. At the end of the day I always wonder amidst all my curiosities why Youtube has taken the plunge into greedy territory, but then I remember the all powerful thing that is money. It's a shame gamers don't do like I do, and offer ad free content without seeking the in-crowd's attention for personal gain.

Youtube's metamorphosis, and influence on the entertainment industry has been harmful in many respects. As I mentioned earlier it spawned the "Trolling", and "Griefing" culture which continues to leave scars on social media, and the entertainment/gaming industry to this day. Had it remained the harmless, and genuinely fun loving outlet that it had started off being things might have turned out for the better. Instead you find a rise in hate. You find harmful internet, online, and offline activities being openly promoted without restraint. Like online gaming Youtube moderators don't seem to give a damn what the negative portion of the supporting community is doing to their creation so long as they get their share of the fortune from their paying/contributing community. They seek the troublemakers as those people are the majority of the supporters that they currently have in their side pocket. Do you think an industry big wig is going to turn away the majority of people who make them their fortune even if said individuals are harming the integrity of their creation? I highly doubt it. They'll seek them out even more, and make the worst sorts of Youtubers/contributors their prime examples of what to do.

The same goes for gaming, and the entertainment industry in general. Sony, and their PSN store offerings are a prime example of the seeking out of the hate crowd that I speak of. You'll find avatars, and themes promoting the worst sorts of ideals. There's country specific avatars meant to insight social war amongst those whom are not from where you hail in this godforsaken world. There are even thug life avatars, yolo avatars, satanic avatars, and other things that you would not think would be a part of a hobby that children enjoy. Sadly this same greed inspired mindset is bleeding into all aspects of the entertainment industry. You'll find it in movies, adult films, and most certainly video games. If it's a popular trend you better believe the industry big wigs will be out to dip their hands in the profit making. As far as industry piracy goes all I can say is that's what you get for inviting the world's social rejects, and deviants to your playground. Don't cry to me, or anyone else because your games, dvds, or adult films are being pirated. Look right square into a mirror, and blame your f**king self, because you are reaping what you sow by inviting the wrong crowd to enjoy your products. Eventually you will lose the legit paying customers who made you who you are, and will become a forgotten page in the ever expanding book of entertainment history for your greedy endeavors. This goes for any part of the entertainment industry that has been bled into by the likes of Youtube, or other social media outlets that they sought attention from. I cannot pity those who would compromise the integrity of their product/s for the sake of quick cash.

So, in case you missed the point of this article/rant, greed kills. It kills everything that you love, and create. It corrupts it from the inside out making the core of your intended pleasure/enjoyment an insatiable bottomless pit, a void. Seek those who would better the industry, and your products for the long haul, and not those who would gain you a quick fortune. There's more money to be made over time than in a single day. Invest in the future, and not wholly into today. Also do not for the love of all that's sacred invite negativity into your social experiences. Hate fueling, and trend train hopping is bad in the worst sort of way. Promote positivity, and you will reap benefits beyond measure.

I will close with those words of wisdom. If you are an industry big wig don't become the news of yesteryear by sh*tting on your own intellectual property. Make it the most inviting thing to ever be, and you will be rich beyond all means (Damn, I should have been a business guru).

Your Last Samurai,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)


  1. hi how are things? and sorry for the procrastination. i was gonna write sooner but it's still hard for me to do things in english.

    i agree with your youtube sentiments the whole way. i really disdain so called the youtubers living off the site in question. however people supportive of them are more disgusting to me.without them the youtube beggars were non-existent in the first place.
    although it's tempting to watch on the site i try not to drop by and watch.

    frankly speaking i don't have an issue with thug and yolo things. you are suggesting you are opposed to GTA?

    as to the piracy conundrum i don't think this is something on our hands. it's computer geniuses on the right side of the law who get around it.

  2. Hello! Things are good, but slow. It's alright. I do appreciate you leaving comments, and I can understand what you are saying well enough.

    Certain Youtubers, and their fans are definitely a problem. Supporting bad habits by watching bad Youtubers' videos, and sharing said videos is most certainly the worst of the two offenses. At the same time the content shouldn't be acceptable, or the norm in the first place. This world has become a foundation of degrading, and demeaning trends that businesses try to capitalize on. If it's popular you can bet your bottom dollar that some corporation will have their hands in the money pit. It's a cycle that needs to be broken as it's ruining many things in the world of online entertainment.

    As far as the "Yolo", and "Thug Life" trends go I feel it's bad in the real world scenario, because kids are accepting it as acceptable behavior when it's clearly not. GTA, on the other hand is fine in my opinion as it's a video game based in a fictional world. It's only when kids, teens, and adults start copying such behavior as found in a game like GTA that trends shown within aren't acceptable. Kids, youth, and even adults are too easily influenced these days by various entertainment mediums that are meant to be enjoyed as fiction. Some people incorporate such things in real life when they shouldn't.

    Piracy can only be dealt with by the law, unfortunately. It is the reason so many developers, studios, and producers lose sales, and eventually become nobodies in the entertainment marketplace. When it becomes too commonplace entertainment will eventually cease to exist, because content providers, and staff working on the projects will not want to work on them any more due to the loss of income. Thus gamers, movie watchers, and even music lovers will only be left with old products. Piracy is a situation that hurts the consumer, and the content providers. It will eventually hurt those pirating said forms of entertainment as well since they'll have nothing new to pirate, and enjoy. As far as who's doing it goes those who hide their criminal activities from the law are doing it. Mostly hackers, modders, and the like delve into such activities.

  3. exactly what kind of behavior the yolo trends are? cos nothing comes to mind off hand

    in case you wonder if i read your followup comments i do check them out every time and i'm really appreciative of you responding quickly.

    1. The yolo trend, or "you only live once" trend incites a desire in gamers, and people in general to do as they please even if that means causing others grief. It's a sort of careless mentality that is self-destructive, and wholly destructive to the world around said individual. If a person doesn't care what they do, and aim to do as they please regardless of repercussions of their actions, because they think they only live once it only serves to hurt the things they engage in on a social level. It's not a good trend, or way of thinking at all, and the fact that some people take it seriously only makes the trend's negative influence worse. If we were to all party hard, and only live for today this world would be a worse place because of it. People who believe in the "Yolo" trend do not care about the future they only care about having the maximum amount of fun today.

      I thought you did. I try to respond as quickly as I see the comment. I'm personally appreciative that you take the time to leave comments. That does not happen often here, unfortunately.

  4. i get the picture now. the first thing that occurred to me was drug abuse. i'm sure it falls under the yolo purview.

    thanks for spelling it out.

    1. Nah, drugs would happen even without the yolo trend. Glad you understand though, and you are welcome. Thanks for inquiring, and leaving comments!


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