Sunday, August 16, 2015

Conspiracy Coroner - "The Entertainment Industry Sold It's Soul to the Devil"

Hello there! It's your friendly neighborhood conspiracy coroner, back with some entertainment industry possibilities! Prep yourself once again for the details about one of my conspiracy theories relating to the greedy stance taken by many, if not all industry providers. It's gonna contain a dab of religion, but I will not push the envelope beyond generalities, so don't get your undies in a wad. Replace the biblical entities with any good, or evil deity that you wish. Good is good, and evil is evil ...

Without beating around the bush too much we as the human race know that there are good, and evil things in this world we reside in. We also know that the good, and evil nature of mankind often times effects the quality of life. When it comes to the entertainment industry the evil can be traced to one thing, and that is money. Everybody in the industry, and outside of it wants money. Money is what provides people their lavish lifestyles, and money is also what drives people to commit crimes against their fellow man or woman. If you are a believer in the bible, or even in the occult you'll know that the Devil is all about manipulation, and that money is, but one of several tools with which he manipulates. What if this money were to eventually become the main focal point for those innovators who once brought to us the creative gaming products we loved? What if innovation was pushed to the side in the eye of the creators, and what if they were making a last ditch effort to bleed a country dry of their money before an end time scenario (Stock Market Crash, etc., ...) were to take place? What if they sold their soul to the Devil for insurance that they'd gain riches, and long lasting wealth while we, the common folks wallow in the despair of our forfeited fortunes? All of these questions will be brought to light in the following paragraphs ...

In the gaming, film, and even music industries there's been an influx of bad productions, bad business practices, and things that would indicate that said industry providers would forsake their integrity for some quick cash. To me it seems as if the world of entertainment is in a scramble, or mad dash to obtain as much of the world's wealth as possible, and they don't care who they hurt in the process. It seems like they know the stock market is about to crash, and that the next great depression is about to hit. Game publishers in particular are often times treating their developers like slaves pushing them extremely hard to meet release dates so that they can reap those day one pre-order sales. Case in point, Konami. Even filmmakers are lax in their creations. They are borrowing ideas, and remaking films on a regular basis. Most of said films turn out to be a disappointment (case in point, Fantastic Four), but the filmmakers still make the money from unsuspecting theater goers who are simply looking for the next best film to brag about regardless of the consumers' regret afterwards.

I could go on, and on with examples of instances where greed has replaced innovation, brilliance, and creativity, but the fact of the matter is something is amiss in the world of entertainment. As a theorist, and a guy who has kept his eyes on religious, occult, and otherworldly conspiracies I can't help, but think that there is a guiding malevolence, or evil behind these money centered business ventures. Maybe Hollywood, and Silicon Valley really did sell their soul to the Devil to maintain their lavish lifestyles. Maybe they did forsake the commoner for a guaranteed quick buck. All I know is this world is headed down a dark path, and money is taking it down that abysmal road. The best advice I can offer is to be careful whom you support with your hard earned money as one day you may be left wanting. Kickstarters, and things that are not certain should definitely not be a priority for those of you looking to experience the next best thing in gaming, film, or music. Kickstarters have flopped before, and what's to say it won't happen again, or on a larger scale. Keep in mind, at the end of the day that your money lets industry providers know what you are willing to pay for whether that be a sh*tty experience, bad DLC practices, or even a gamble on a hyped film. Money is more than a piece of paper decorated with enigmatic symbols, leader images. It is what affords us the more luxurious things in this world. It is also something some people would kill for. Remember that.


  1. hi. i was going to reply prior to the weekend log,as this is an older entry but i reasoned this could wait (strike while the iron is hot,as the saying go)

    you're sounding like a cult leader in the article.joking aside i can relate to your story. in summary,your point is that some people are frantic about making money at the expense of their morals,reputation and assets.
    honestly i can make sense of what they are up to. the entire world is increasingly volatile in various ways. humanity are swamped with daunting tasks such as bad weather,terrorism and conflicts among world powers and whatnot.
    so it could be only a matter of time before the whole world goes to the dogs and the currencies across the world are reduced to just a slip of paper. it's only natural a number of people are feeling this way and live up before the collapse takes place. sorry for being on a dismal note all the way but i genuinely think so.

    1. No worries. I do sound that way sometimes, no doubt.

      That's exactly my point. The world is in the middle of what I like to call the "Perfect Storm", or "The Calm Before The Storm". With the world in the ever increasing chaos that it's in, and the uncertainty that said chaos is brewing the dire situation has people scrambling to ensure that they can maintain their lifestyles at any expense. Regardless of their lack of morals, reputation, are assets they are willing to lose it all for the sake of money. I could see it being a smart thing, money-wise to jump aboard that bandwagon of thinking, but at the same time I'm not a man to forsake my morals at the expense of others who are barely making it by in this economy.

      I imagine money will one day be worthless, and that the world will eventually adopt some sort of one world currency to function. That of course dips into the realm of religion though which I won't push on you. No worries about being dismal, by the way. I was dismal myself in relaying this message. The topic is not a happy one, and was meant to bring in question the reality of the situation. I'm just glad you chose to speak your part, and let me know what you think.


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