Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Destiny: TTK - Initial Thoughts & Opinions

It has been a long hard road out of the Hellmouth folks. Seriously. Year one of Destiny has taken a toll on my confidence that online gaming can be salvaged for future generations. Throughout Destiny, during the first year it was evident to me that the game was flawed on a serious level. I could ramble on for a good hour, or more about how many things were wrong with Destiny in it's "Beta" phase, but I won't though. You've likely all heard it by now anyways, and with the new expansion upon us what is relative is "The Taken King". When it comes to this hyped, and highly promoted end-game experience which is tied to the core of Destiny the added expansion has lived up to said hype in some ways, but still continues to fall extremely short in others. The story, for example is the prime example of what the other expansions should have been content, and story-wise. It is the most epic, and cinematic journey I've seen in Destiny, yet. The Crucible, however is still plagued by problems mainly brought on by those who play it, and those who sit on the sidelines doing f**k all about what's going on. Even with the new maps, and modes of play the online multiplayer that is the Crucible comes off as being a proper annoyance in many different ways. As a result Destiny, in it's entirety is currently an offset balance of quality, and the lack thereof.

In "The Taken King" we find Oryx, the father of Crota mad as hell fire at the fact we've killed off his son. He is on a murderous rampage with an extinction event in mind. In the beginning of his grudge filled campaign he wipes out entire fleets of Awoken with his impressive might, and even turns the inhabitants of the planets into altered slaves (aka, "The Taken") to do his bidding. That "bidding" being the annihilation of you, and your fire team. The stakes are definitely higher this time around, and in a chess tournament sense of the meaning the major role-players on either side are making their moves towards a final endgame. The Tower vanguard are adapting their strategy accordingly as are the various other vendors who inhabit both the Vestian Outpost, and Earth's last city. As you visit both places you will find things have changed both structurally, and functionally. There's plenty of higher ranked gear, and weapons to obtain in order to prepare for possibly the biggest battle ever. There's even new modes, and maps available to play on in the Crucible. Of course options such as the Arenas, and Strikes still remain open to the public, and will afford you added opportunities to gain better things.

When it comes to the story there are plenty of cinematic moments that tie-in even the lowliest of character contributors. It builds upon the lore, and mythology that Destiny is based upon as it should have done from the start. Sadly, I feel that ending the game on such a grand note with all these changes in place makes all of my previous time, effort, and money seem ill spent. For the longest time, prior to the "TTK" expansion Destiny was a basic grindfest, and social event at best. Sure it looked breathtakingly beautiful, but it wasn't anything truly as spectacular as the trailers, and promos had hyped it to be. Again, in this particular expansion it does live up to the hype somewhat, especially in the story driven portions of the game, but it also falls short of being a "Triple A" experience at the same time. Outside of the co-op experience that is the story mode campaign, and onto the multiplayer battlefield that is the Crucible things continue to go horribly wrong. As I mentioned before the cheating is at an all-time high, because no one cares enough to do what needs to be done. Not only that, but most of the new maps were so poorly constructed that they make for a back, and forth b*tch slap contest in tightly constructed corridors/hallways. The open map layout that was used so frequently before has become an awful mess that only enables the cheaters to win more easily. Hiding spots are plentiful, and seeing as some of the maps are large with obvious vantage points they only serve to ruin the fun, because they are too sniper friendly. The fact that players are still using the final round glitch to one-shot another player from a digital mile away only makes the competitive aspect of destiny a lost cause.

Even if you were to go for the "Classic 6v6" mode with supposedly old maps you'll still find yourself battling the unfair odds against Destiny's thuglife yoloists (aka, the CoD crowd) on the larger maps. It claims to be a clash, and control mode of play, but with the larger maps being part of the focal point you still run into the lingering problem that is glitched sniping. To sum it all up the Crucible is in the worst shape it's been in. With it being a vital part of unlocking gear, and weapons it only serves to continue rubbing salt into the wounds of those war weary gamers who endured Destiny's year one's "Beta" phase. Speaking of the "Beta" phase ... With all of the hours, and effort I put into amassing the best of gear only to find it worthless in each following expansion makes my continued efforts seem pointless. What happens if they have another expansion, and all we've earned here goes to sh*t as well? It's like Bungie is saying all that we did in year one doesn't mean a damn thing. The way they have handled upgrades, storage, and other gear related features was also one of the things that has made me second guess sticking with Destiny in the obvious upcoming sequel. The developers have yet to iron out the issues, and at this point I don't think they are able, or willing to do so.

Thinking back on it all Tower vendors like Master Rahool, and Xur (Agent of the Nine) seem to have been put into the game to troll those who would dare to complain. I f**king hate trolling, and to think that a developer would waste time doing something so petty instead of investing quality time, and effort where it was needed angers me even further. That's me being honest. Deep to the Oversoul honest. For now though I'm going to try (once again) to get my money's worth out of Destiny ($60 + $40 + $40 = $140!!!). I'm not sure I'll ever reach that level of satisfaction though, but I'm damn sure gonna try.


  1. howdy. how's everything? i hope your anemia didn't act up.

    i really sympathize. i know the feeling when a game you are expectant of turns out not to be very good. (technically it's not a game) i remember you were hyped for the new DLC in the last article i commented. bungie's sloppiness over its handling of cheats annoys me as well. perhaps it's time you walked out on destiny and started a new similar game. from what i've read here i don't think they'll get down to crackdown on cheats any time down the road.

  2. Everything's alright. Thanks for asking. My anemia, for the moment isn't really bothering me. It's a sort of off, and on thing that I have to take care of when I need to.

    It's definitely not good. I was thinking that same thing yesterday. I, like many others have paid $140 just for the right to play an online only game. I must be insane, or something. I really hate how games have turned into a privilege to play experience instead of a pay to own one. You are always having to agree to legal terms which basically say that you don't own what you pay for, but that you only have the right to play it so long as the provider, and content creator says you can. As far as the Destiny DLC goes I wasn't really hyped about. I was curious to see if it lived up to the hype. Fortunately the story elements have been good, but the online multiplayer is still plagued by problems.

    What the gaming world needs is a console where you actually own the games that you pay for, and don't have to sign legal agreements before you are allowed to play. We also need a console that is DLC, and micro-transaction free. A console where video games are complete from day one. We also need a console where you don't have to pay a fee to play online. Sadly, I don't think that will ever happen.

    At some point I probably will abandon Destiny. I don't feel spending $140 on a less than perfect online only experience is worth investing in. Especially one where you only own the rights to play it so long as you are deemed fit to do so. I still need to finish up "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain", and "Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt".

  3. good to know. i just cast magic on you that will keep your anemia dormant for life. that should do. and trump for 2016 was thrown in to make you chuckle. apparently it didn't work.

    i agree on all your points except this. i'm down with a fee for playing online as long as it's not prohibitive (between 5-10 bucks a month,for all games on a console not one particular game) running servers requires a lot of resources so in my view they are justified in charging.

    what bugs me most about the recent gaming establishment is the outrageous price tags for peripherals. this trend is just insane. how could a controller run you 50 bucks?

    i got disturbing word that devil's third for wiiu won't receive any patches in the future as they are going to focus on its PC version and that its online service could terminate out of the blue at some point next year. this is a kick in the teeth. it's not just another rumor,the president of the studio that made the game spilled the beans during stream. i'm fucking done.

    i could use a pointer from you as to this. when i aim,the hitmarker doesn't move completely in parallel or perpendicularly. it wobbles a little while moving. it's not completely impossible but i feel it's harder than it should. the issue makes sniping much harder. and i can't tell if i'm spastic or my controller is busted or this is the case with most people. could you help me out?

    1. I do appreciate it. Anemia can cause some unwanted effects on the physical body. Mostly exhaustion though. As far as the Trump thing goes I couldn't tell if you were being serious, or not. Now that I now it is all good.

      I understand that it costs money to maintain servers, but with PS4's track record of experiencing down time, and the bad quality of the online experience due to nothing being done about the cheating, modding, and hacking leaves me a dissatisfied customer. A paying gamer doesn't just pay to be able to play online. They pay thinking that their online game time will be worth the cost of the subscription fee as well. Sony needs to deal with the cheating, and stop brushing it off. They need to give us gamers an all inclusive, and on console grief report system.

      The controller prices are definitely insane. Paying a third of what a console costs for a new controller that breaks frequently is not alright by any means. It's like my Father says about vehicles. The manufacturer makes the parts breakable so that the consumer will keep forking over money to buy new ones.

      That's bad news regarding "Devil's Third", and it's definitely a slap in the face of those who chose to buy it. Some developers just don't care about their customers, and are more into it for the money than they should be. It's rare to find a developer releasing a quality game that they stand by these days.

      If you are talking about Destiny some of the aiming marker is designed to do that so that quick scoping isn't as much of an issue as it was in games like Call of Duty. I don't think it's your controller. In Destiny sometimes guns with the hidden hand perk will also make it so that when aiming at their character the scope will automatically track another player's character due to the function of the perk. I've had this happen a few times. It's just something that you have to deal with, unfortunately.

  4. i appreciate you sharing all this and i am absolutely sympathetic.

    i tried moving the marker with a shotgun and a machine gun and it turned out that it wobbles the same way as snipers. from the hands-on experience it follows that something is wrong with my controller or the game. i could do with some advice 'cause i'm at a loss..

    1. I still don't think it would be a controller issue though I could be wrong. It might actually be something to do with your online connection. If we are talking about Destiny it is an online only game, and your internet connection definitely matters. If it is your controller though it might be the thumbsticks that are malfunctioning. I'd say your best bet would be to get a different controller, and see if you still experience the wobble, or not.

  5. since it wobbles offline odds are my controller is wrong. i appreciate you replying nicely every time

    1. Bummer. Controllers aren't cheap these days. Maybe you can find one at a fair price somewhere though. You are welcome. I wouldn't reply any other way.


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