Saturday, September 12, 2015

Whasssup!? At The Inferno???

As you've probably noticed the posts have slowed down to an almost non-existent state this week. There's a reason for this, so don't jump ship just yet. Currently I am working behind-the-scenes on my "Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance" playthrough, so that I can have that review out when the embargo is up. Disgaea is a game series that demands a lot of attention as it includes a ton of different things to do. I'm having to dedicate time to focus on details of the game so that when review time does come I can flow forth words in one fluid motion without having to go back, and reference things. Believe it, or not, but JRPGs are one of the more difficult genres of games to review, especially if you aim to be thorough. With that being said though I will be looking into Tuesday's PSN store offerings to see if I find something worth bringing to your attention via a review. I have admittedly slacked a bit in requests, but with my Xbox LIVE subscription renewed I can start reviewing Xbone game releases again. That will up my review count at least a little. Thanks to those of you who did not take back your Google+ likes, and to those of you who have stuck around. Just know that I've not given up, and have more reviews intended for the weeks, months, and possibly years ahead. Life willing, of course.

This weekend I'll be busy doing the Destiny thing preparing all three of my characters for the upcoming TTK DLC expansion. I know not everyone loves what Bungie, or Activision has done with the game, but to me the social gaming aspect is still important enough for me to entertain. I have Destiny's social experience to thank for allowing me to meet some of the most Awesome friends that I've made to this day. I myself have issues with the game, and b*tch a lot about it, but had it not been for Destiny I'd never have gotten to know my friend Dee, Trouble, or even Crusty Apricot. I think the developer nailed it with the social aspect, and for that I'll continue to fork over cash for Destiny DLC until my friends move on to something better.

Currently I have my Hunter where I want her to be in Destiny, and my Titan almost at the same point. My Warlock however is the one that really needs the work as I've not finished the campaign with her. In case you are wondering all of my Destiny guardians are indeed female characters. I've always favored female characters over the male ones, especially in games where customization is an option. My Hunter is a human female with black hair, and black lipstick (emo, I know XD). My Titan is an EXO female with devil horns, and a white paint splatter on one of her eyes (don't ask ...), and finally my Warlock is a human female with an appearance like LeeLoo from "The Fifth Element". So sexy they are!!!

Anyways that's "Whassup" here at the old inferno. I should probably also mention that anime reviews might be a new thing in the near future. My review of "The Troubled Life of Miss Kotoura" really struck a chord with my readers, and the numbers definitely reflect that. I was personally surprised at how impressive NISA anime was. Until I got the PR notices from NISA staff I had no clue that NISA anime was a thing. I'm truly glad I know about it now though. If you are looking for a perverted, but sometimes serious anime along the lines of "Goldenboy", and something heartfelt that Studio Ghibli would create then definitely pick up "The Troubled Life of Miss Kotoura". I don't think you'll be disappointed.

I'm going to close in saying keep things Awesome & Positive. Whether you realize it, or not the way you act online mood-wise does affect those around you. Much like in real life living with someone who is always spouting negative nonsense will eventually get you down as well. If you're not going to do it for yourself be uplifting, and positive for those around you. Maybe then you'll also see that everything in the world isn't so bad, and in turn will be lifted up too. Things could always be worse. Never forget that.


  1. hi there my american pal. this time i'm gonna omit the usual weather stuff because it's just fine.

    i've been off devil's third but i resumed recently. on closer look the real money aspect is not all that lousy compared to other games(so far,i don't fully understand). and the fortress customization is dope. it's part and parcel of the game. it's the place where you ward off other players. it can be 1v1,2v5 or 6v6 depending on how many people you have when the raid breaks out. in it you can lay out buildings that suit your style. so if you are a sniper you will put up a lot of turrets on the premises. and if you wanna run around with a shotgun it's wise to make the geography as intricate as it possibly can. cool right? this is a clan vs clan thing for the most part.

    i also like to fiddle with character's appearance. famale chars in particular. i have a taste for the so-called BBWs and oftentimes i catch myself making her tits and butt as big as it can get. seeing as you prefer skinny like the fifthelement chick we are to the contrary in that regard.

    i don't watch anime but i'm glad it draws a lot of people's attention here.

    how great you are at shooting in destiny?and what's your sensitivity for the game? as for me i'm a bad sniper but i've always been drawn to sniping. it's super fun to be sure but in my eyes it's a lot harder than the typical assault rifle so i miss a lot. i sorely long for quickscoping. i'm really envious of those who can handle it. i put in a few hours practicing through the story mode ( it has a meager shooting range but it doesn't do the trick) then i play pubs to see if how i improved. the result is depressing all the time.yes i really suck. JFYI my sensitivity is 10 (1-20).

    1. It sounds like an interesting game. As far as the money/DLC aspect goes it has become too common of a practice in my opinion. Even if it is to a lesser degree I still feel it shouldn't be a part of the gaming industry. It's like gamers are being given less, and less with each game that is released. The developers divided up certain story elements, or things that should have been in the game in the first place to make an extra buck outside of the retail cost. The micro-transactions for in-game currency, and boosts are even worse, and are consumer money bleeding at it's worst. I don't know how that is applied in "Devil's Third", but even if it's to a lesser degree it's still not good. We as gamers shouldn't buy into the DLC, or micro-transaction practices.

      When it comes to female character customization I don't mind having a girl with big breasts, and a large butt, but I do prefer the more slim & trim ladies. In Destiny the female characters do have some curves though. I was simply referring to the fact that the character I had designed had a face, and hair color that looked like LeeLoo from "The Fifth Element".

      Hopefully I will be able to do more anime reviews, but I'll have to wait and see. I could tell by the page view count that readers really liked my anime review though.

      I'm a decent shot in Destiny. I'm not 100% precise though. My sniping could use some work as could my primary weapon firing. When it comes to the sensitivity I actually have mine set low to be more accurate. Surprisingly to most it is at "2". The only issue I have with this sensitivity setting is the fact that I cannot turn around fast enough to face off against someone behind me. It's a trade off that benefits me well enough though. I know when my Brother plays these types of games he has the sensitivity set high, and is fairly accurate as well. For me turning fast, and aiming quickly makes my firing less accurate though. As long as what you have yours set to works for you that's all that matters.

  2. sure spending sucks,but in the game you get just enough currency to get fully equipped through unlocking things.of course you need to do your homework before actually trading. granting DLC and microtransaction practices are abomination,especially the latter, i think i'll cut this game some slack as it is amazingly gripping. needless to say i have no thoughts of paying.

    trump for 2016

  3. Sorry for the late reply. I got caught up in Destiny's "The Taken King". I've actually bought into some DLC before, and could cut some games slack for having it, but truth be told those sorts of things shouldn't be part of the gaming industry. I understand that the cost of game development has risen, and that developers/publishers need more money to stay in business, but I feel there are better ways of doing it than dividing a game experience up.

    As far as Trump for 2016 goes, I don't know dude. The guy seems a little crazy with his campaign tactics. I personally don't see any of the new candidates being fit for the job.


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