Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dreams, Ambitions & the Long Road Out of Hell

It's hard to not notice the lack of posts from a favorite blogger especially when said blogger used to post reviews, and articles like an obsessed madman. Assuming that you've followed this blog, and my posts from it's humble beginnings you'll more than likely be able to notice the difference in the content that's being provided, yourself. Sure I still type up quality reviews, and sure I've still got the support (which continues to grow), but things have begun to slow down to a crawl. I still reach out to developers and PR, but due to various issues things aren't all that easy to come by anymore. I've had my personal falling outs with PR who obviously don't want to do their job, and have even run into an issue with the Industry not offering much in the way of new releases. Being a journalist who has the time to dedicate to multiple reviews, but who cannot do so due to such issues makes me rather frustrated. I offer up my talents pretty much freely in comparison to the paid off sites, but often times get turned down for one reason, or another regardless.

What developers, and PR fail to see with my blog, and my review offers is that this blog is a hassle-free platform for getting the news out to a significant amount of gamers, or hobbyists. There are no pop-ups, no loading issues, and the reviews I provide are easy to understand yet highly informative. Of course I also follow-up via social media with my readers, and followers if they are interested in knowing more about a game, or product. I often times go out of the way to back games that I was impressed by as well. Not many mainstream sites can claim all that. In fact I recently caught a mainstream site/streamer that reviewed "Disgaea 5" giving one of the most uninformative reviews I've ever watched on Youtube. They talked to the followers like they knew the series, and that they knew the game. That is where my reviews differ. I spare no words in relaying necessary game information, and my opinions of said game afterwards. I even go out of the way to try, and help the developer better understand how to appeal to their target audience at the end of it all. Why I'm passed over as much as I am with all that I offer is truly beyond me. I think developers, and publishers often times seek the more well known outlets while not understanding that most of them are under scrutiny by gamers themselves. As a PR seeking attention for your supported studios you have to realize that It's not the messenger (the sites) that really matters, but more so the message. If you would bother supporting lesser gaming blogs like my own, and like-minded journalists with the time, and talent to commit to reviews you could get some serious attention. Keep in mind though that it also helps us when you treat us like the well known sites by sharing our links.

So, where does "OtakuDante's Gaming Inferno" stand amidst this maelstrom of sorts? I have to reply honestly by saying that this blog is in a sort of limbo state. It could go to gaming heaven, or it could go to gaming hell. As I said though I am busy trying my best to get something to review. I'm not gonna give up in that quest anytime soon, but I have a gut feeling it's gonna be a long hard road out of hell trying to get to the productive point that I was at to begin with. Things that are currently stacked against me including the lack of review material must be dealt with, and hopefully I can find some sort of indie games to cover while I wait on possible "Triple A" releases. I'll continue reaching out for the PSN budget priced games each Tuesday, and will have to look into what the Xbone is offering as well. I'll likely also do the usual monthly impressions article relating to games I've purchased. Supposing a juicy gaming topic catches my attention I may throw in my two cents worth too. I've seriously got to re-invent myself. I've gotta keep my goal in mind, and sojourn forth no matter what the odds. I've proven so many naysayers wrong, and I don't intend on letting them be right.

With your help, and support I can make my dream of being a journalist who can be there for his readers a reality. Be sure to share links to whatever posts I post, and comment when you have the time to do so. As far as the PR, and developers go I'm open for business. You know where I'm at if you are interested in quality reviews. I have got the time, and the talent if you've got the review material. I think I'm going to close on that note. Though I may be looked at highly by some I fully realize that I would be just another gaming enthusiast without your support. For that I humbly thank all of you. Thank you to the developers, the PR, and the gamers who have all trusted in me in getting the job done, and the reviews out there to you. You are all Awesome!


  1. howdy dude how's it going? over here japan's deranged PM Abe is eager to start a war against china and northkorea. he is as cracked as they come and needs to step down right away.

    as i told you before i've been absorbed in ac4 and i still am. as far as i know it's easily the best game of all games. prior to this my best game was TDU2,now it's a distant second. i simply got overwhelmed with the grandeur and scale of the game.

    sorry i don't tweet your links. i'm kinda tired of twitter. since i don't run a site or anything like that there is no point keeping it up...but i'd sorely miss your blog if you quit altogether. in light of all the complications you are faced with it should be tough to keep things going but i always stand by you.

    1. Hi my friend! Things aren't all that bad considering things. Abe definitely needs to chill if he aims to start a war of that scale. He definitely sounds like a madman to me.

      I'm glad you are liking AC4. I never did play it, but i do have it on my Xbox One. Btw, are you planning on getting, or playing the new "Assassin's Creed Syndicate"? Is it even gonna launch on the WiiU?

      No worries dude. Twitter is not for everyone. It's often times plagued by idiocy, and moronic debates on stuff that doesn't amount to anything. As far as quitting goes I'm not at that point yet. I do plan on hanging onto this blog even if it means doing a couple of reviews each month. I did reach out to a JRPG PR recently, and might be getting something new to review soon. I'll keep my fingers crossed for that. If not next month is not far away, and I'll pick up something new with my monthly funds. I'm glad you are willing to stick by me. I really do appreciate your support!

  2. ac4 is the last game for wiiu and syndicate is not available. i'm not gonna play it going to the trouble of buying a new system but when a ps4 comes my way i'll certainly take a shot.regarding the series i can't bring myself to blame the studio for ceasing launch for wiiu. ac3 for wiiu,from what i've heard,had horrible sales figures and they brought out ac4 regardless apparently knowing they'd take a hit. which's why i'm absolutely appreciative.

    i do hope you'll lay your hands on the jrpg review material whatever the game is. i'm expectant of your review.

    1. I heard sales for the Assassin's Creed games on the WiiU weren't great. I think that could also be attributed to the console itself not being as popular as Nintendo had hoped. If you do get a PS4, and do get Assassin's Creed Syndicate be sure to let me know how it is. I'm actually scared to give it a try considering the last game was buggy, and somewhat broken.

      Me too dude. Hopefully I'll hear back from the PR soon. If not this month is about over, and I'll be buying a game or two with my own funds.


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