Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Weekly Update - Oct. 6, 2015

This morning I spent some quality time with friends playing through Destiny's weekly Nightfall, and uncovering a secret that's tied to god knows what in the Daily strike? Afterwards I did my morning routine of tidying up the place, getting a bite to eat for breakfast, and spending some time on Twitter chatting it up with my other friends. To me it's time well spent even if I'm not currently obligated to deliver a review. Speaking of game reviews I have been seeking out possible review prospects, but due to the availability issues, and my limitations with PR I'm finding it difficult to gain anything. I did, however go out to Gamestop last night, and pre-ordered "Dragon's Quest Heroes" for the PS4 which I'd be glad to review if anyone wishes to know more about it. In the meantime I'll be gaming for myself, and doing a couple of dvd reviews for my "Adult" blog readers. I do realize I need to post something of significance soon on this blog though, or risk forfeiting some of my loyal followers. Just keep in mind I am reaching out for review material, and that I'm still trying to keep this blog afloat.

If you missed it on Twitter recently I had a sort of moment where I realized I need to regain focus, and the drive that I had going when I first began working on "OtakuDante's Gaming Inferno". My passion for what I did was unrivaled for a blogger of my lowly status at the time, and I truly was a one man reviewing army. For numerous reasons though I've found the workload lighter than I'd hoped it to be this year, and have been left wanting. I've tried to rekindle certain PR relationships only to be turned down a second time, and have hit similar road blocks that I've run into before. That's part of the reason I posted that hate filled rant that is no longer on my blog. I just don't understand why some PR will turn their backs to noteworthy journalists once they type up bad review regarding a game that a studio the PR is tied to has released. It baffles me to no end. At the same time it goes to show that some PR are so desperate to impress that they'd go out of their way to weed out those unfavorable journalists in favor of biased journalists who would help promote a game despite it being flawed. All I've gotta say is that the industry needs to wake up. Bad business practices only serve to hurt the industry that they are happening in.

Moving on though ... I will regain my focus, and though it may not be this year that I post a respectable amount of reviews I will strive to make this blog the informative, and reliable gaming resource that it once was. I don't see myself giving up easily on something I've spent years building upon. I just don't. It would be foolish to do so. Again, I want to take the time in this post to thank all of you for stopping by, and reading what I have to say about whatever topic it is I choose to type about. The Google+ nods, the comments, and the social media interactions all keep me moving forward despite the odds that are stacked against me. Thank you ever so much! I will close in saying that I hope you stay tuned to my Twitter activities (@OtakuDante) for possible links to reviews, and articles. Who knows? I might actually get something for review soon!


  1. damn i was mistaken. i thought i commented this already. alright im gonna get down to work!

    the dragon's quest is identical to ドラクエ over here? i coulda sworn it is not called that way.

    glad you've won back the passion you need for reviewing. you're natural and this is the right place you can stretch yourself. your articles are a treat

    1. So far 'Dragon Quest Heroes' is an alright game. I have no idea about the difference between the Japanese title translation or the American version though. It's a seemingly nice joint effort by Square Enix & Koei Tecmo, and it has a sort of "Dynasty Warrior" style of gameplay. Thankfully the original artist was on board with the character design. I still need to play it some more before typing up my review though.

      I still have the drive to review sadly things have slowed down to a crawl. I'm expecting two Zen Pinball 2 tables for review, and possibly some anime, but I've yet to hear back from either PR. I am glad you like the reviews, and articles. It means a lot. I personally appreciate that I have a reader such as you who is willing to take the time out of their day to leave comments. Thank you for that!


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