Friday, January 1, 2016

HYPER VOID is Coming to Xbox One January 6th!!!

Earlier in 2015 I had the privilege to review one of the year's more interesting shmups (shoot'em ups). It was a unique game developed by indie studio, "IN|Framez Technology Corp". The title of said game was "Hyper Void". What "Hyper Void" offered the gamer was new-gen quality visuals, and a complimentary soundtrack bundled together with a retro style of 3D oriented gameplay which goes back to the earlier years of arcade experiences. The game was filled with vibrant colors, bullet hell madness, and even bosses to beat as you traversed the unique universe within. I personally ended up on the fence about the game due to the lack of replay value, but did find some good points to it. Being a shmup fan the gameplay definitely drew me in, but the lack of extra replay worthy features made it a bit of a disappointment. Luckily you guys, and gals (who own an Xbox One) will be able to give the game a proper try come January 6th, and with a new leaderboard feature in place. This new addition to the already interesting gameplay improves on one of the bigger faults I found with the overall experience, and thankfully so. I definitely suggest giving it a chance when it hits the Xbox Live store if you have the holiday cash to spare. In case you want to catch up on my original PS4 review I'll leave that here for reference purposes.

Aside from that news those of you who fell in love with Hyper Void's soundtrack will be pleased to know that you now have three ways to enjoy the music that the game had to offer. You can listen to it freely on Youtube, or Spotify, and can even purchase the OST in it's entirety for around $10.99 on Google Play should you find that you like it. Whichever way you choose to go about it I highly suggest giving the soundtrack a listen as the tunes included are definitely some of the best from the indie gaming scene. I will leave a link to each option below just in case you are curious.

Youtube -

Spotify -

Google Play -

Hyper Void (REVIEW) -

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