Saturday, January 2, 2016

The "OtakuDante's Gaming Inferno" Youtube Channel

Unbeknownst to a lot of you I've had a Youtube channel since mid 2009. It started off with some modest home videos of me playing games (which are now lost to history), and slowly evolved into replay captured features when the option to provide such content became available to me. I did provide some commentaries along the way, but mostly stuck to gameplay videos without my own voice or myself included. I'm honestly not the best commentator, and often times stutter, say "Uhm ...", or get lost with what I'm trying to relay to my viewers. I wanted my commentary inclusive videos to be genuinely good, and non-scripted, but I've yet to release a totally coherent one. Despite these shortcomings I've made the most of my channel, and have gained over 200 followers in the process. I continue to offer replays from various games, and even include upcoming trailers when I feel like it. On the rare occasion you might also find an unboxing video of a new game with my thoughts on said product included.

In 2016 I kind of want to pick up on what I started with my channel, and provide insight on each video through the description box located beneath each video panel. I know it's not the commentary style a lot of you look forward to, but I find my knowledge better shared through text than talk. I will try to do the occasional video with commentary though as I continue to work towards getting comfortable with talking to my audience. Until then I hope you subscribe, and enjoy my videos for what they're worth. Feel free to comment if you like. I welcome any constructive criticism, and thoughts on the gameplay footage that I offer. Just don't troll me as I tend to troll back, hard. I will leave a link to my channel below in case you find that you are interested in seeing what I have to offer.

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